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Loki art from SuperbWallpapers

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Loki Goodness Campaign 3 & 4

5 Comments 24 September 2014

The Loki Goodness Campaign is a parody of a phenomenon among Thor and Loki fans, many whom believe Loki has gotten a bad rap and is actually good.

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Iowa Summer Writing Festival: There to Write

2 Comments 02 August 2013

If you're looking for a place to network, the Iowa Summer Writing Festival may not be the best for you. You're there to write.

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writing and wheat berries

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Wheat Berries and Writing

22 Comments 05 June 2013

Megan Willome talks about writing fiction and about wheat berries, how after you grind them to smithereens, you can make the most amazing whole wheat bread.

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diary christmas truce

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Diary: A Christmas Truce

6 Comments 10 May 2013

More often than not, it seems, fiction arises out of real events. In this short piece by 13-year-old Sonia Joie, we find the fictional diary entry that could just as well have been written by an actual soldier in the field one day back in 1914.

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John Steinbeck’s California

24 Comments 27 February 2013

Charity Singleton Craig experiences John Steinbeck's California through the Salinas Valley and the Monterey Peninsula finding a people she already knows, though she has never met.

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fiction friday the breaking

Blog, Fiction, Purple, Short Story, writing prompts

Flash Fiction Friday: The Breaking

32 Comments 22 February 2013

With nothing more to go on than our February "purple" theme, Darrelyn Saloom writes a heart-stopping piece of flash fiction.

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flash fiction foxglove

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Flash Fiction Friday: Digitalis

6 Comments 01 February 2013

Tania Runyan plays in the world of flash fiction with a new piece, exploring the dangers of following one's imagination.

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the novelist fiction

book club, Fiction, poetry, The Novelist

The Novelist: Where Fiction Begins

25 Comments 12 December 2012

In the end, the creative act can be misunderstood, and the creation seen for something other than what it is. Lyla Willingham Lindquist wraps up our book club discussion of L.L. Barkat's The Novelist.

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novelist fiction characters

book club, Fiction, poetry, The Novelist, writer's group resources

The Novelist: Fiction with Character(s)

17 Comments 05 December 2012

Readers want to know who the various characters in The Novelist represent. Lyla Willingham Lindquist wants to know who the tea basket represents. Join us for week two of our book club discussion.

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fiction space mountain

Blog, Fiction

Flash Fiction Friday: Space Mountain

1 Comment 30 November 2012

It's Flash Fiction Friday! Tania Runyan tells the tale of a young couple, the gift of a gold herringbone bracelet, and a fateful ride on Space Mountain.

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fiction kathleen overby

Blog, book club, Fiction, The Novelist, writer's group resources

The Novelist: What’s the Big Idea in Fiction?

30 Comments 28 November 2012

How long must you lie on the floor staring at the ceiling before you're ready to write that story? We're discussing The Novelist by L.L. Barkat in our new Tweetspeak Book Club. Come on in and join us.

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Blog, Fiction

Flash Fiction Friday: The Music Box

4 Comments 23 November 2012

Tania Runyan's latest offering for Flash Fiction Friday, in honor of every awkward teenager and music box that did her in.

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flash fiction marlin

Blog, Fiction, poetry, Short Story

Flash Fiction Friday: The Revival

4 Comments 09 November 2012

A marlin, a pizza parlor, and a young girl. That's all Tania Runyan needed for her latest flash fiction piece.

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flash fiction coffee bean

Blog, Everyday Tweets, Fiction

Flash Fiction Friday: The Coffee Shop

8 Comments 02 November 2012

Poet and Every Day Poems editor Tania Runyon continues her Friday forays into the world of flash fiction with this provocative scene from a coffee shop.

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Blog, book club, Fiction, poetry, The Novelist

Book Club Announcement: The Novelist

2 Comments 31 October 2012

The Novelist is a book that can be read in a sitting or two (maybe three, if you're having trouble finding your tea basket). We invite you to join us around the Tweetspeak coffee table for our latest book club beginning November 28.

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Fiction debut could help Dana Gioia’s dream come true

1 Comment 08 October 2012

T. S. Poetry Press, publisher of the Oprah Summer Read The Whipping Club, has released a fiction debut that could help Dana Gioia’s dream come true. Gioia has made a strong call to get poetry into the public eye. The Novelist, by L.L. Barkat, weaves poetry throughout a story that explores the woes of a blocked […]

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Fiction Friday: The Bra

4 Comments 14 September 2012

As I continue my journey through The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction, I continue to be amazed by how a simple writing prompt can suddenly open a new world of characters, events and emotions. After just a few minutes of writing, I get to meet people I never knew existed and […]

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Fiction Friday: He Said, She Said

14 Comments 07 September 2012

Last week I received my shiny, colorfully bird-laden copy of The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction. Books like this don’t usually show up at my house: I’m a poet, through and through. But I’ve also had this little fling with fiction on the side since attending the Midwest Writers’ Conference, where I practically skipped out […]

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New Release with Solid Tribute to Adrienne Rich

4 Comments 03 September 2012

From T. S. Poetry Press, publisher of the Oprah Summer Read The Whipping Club, comes a fiction debut that includes a solid tribute to the late Adrienne Rich. The Novelist, by L.L. Barkat, explores themes of origins and consciousness in the writer and the woman. Readers familiar with the Adrienne Rich volume The Dream of […]

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Blog, Fiction, Short Story, writing prompts

Caught Flashing

6 Comments 10 August 2012

Everyone knows writing conferences can get a little crazy. In fact, this normally prim poet was just caught flashing at the Midwest Writers Workshop. Fiction flashing, that is. I should have seen it coming. I hadn’t written fiction in nearly two decades, was let loose in Muncie, Indiana, without my husband and kids, and was […]

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