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Light Switch Poetry Dare

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A Poetry Dare. I Really Don’t Care.

17 Comments 12 September 2014

We've extended a poetry dare. And the subject is not quite willing. What will happen to Ed over the next 30 days?

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Give a teacher how to read a poem tweetspeakpoetry.com

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Top Ten Reasons We Dare You to Give an English Teacher “How to Read a Poem”

47 Comments 10 April 2014

We dare you to give "How to Read a Poem" to an English teacher. Here are our Top 10 reasons, plus a giveaway.

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Poetry Dare standing on the wall

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A Poetry Dare for National Poetry Month

128 Comments 26 March 2014

Celebrate National Poetry Month by joining in our first ever large group Poetry Dare. Read a poem a day with us, with the daily offerings from Every Day Poems or a choose a poet to read for the month.

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How to Read a Poem Sunglasses

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How to Read a Poem: The Book

7 Comments 20 February 2014

For the reader new to poetry, Runyan's guide will open your senses to the combined craft and magic known as "poems". For the well versed, if you will, the book might make you fall in love again.

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Toby and How to Read a Poem 565

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Get Featured in Our How to Read a Poem Top 10!

8 Comments 16 January 2014

Would you like to get featured in some of our upcoming How to Read a Poem Top 10s? Tweet your ideas, your poems, or your pictures to @tspoetry.

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Red Poetry by Sonia Joie

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Poetry Classroom: My Daughter’s Hair

4 Comments 25 March 2013

Welcome to this month’s poetry classroom with Tania Runyan. Today's poem will leave you wanting red.

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Poetry Classroom: Sestina for Brood XIII

9 Comments 20 March 2013

We invite you to respond to the poems we'll share here—their forms, images, sounds, meanings, surprises. Up today? A sestina.

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Poetry Classroom Goldfish Pond

Blog, Poems, poetry, Poetry Classroom, poetry teaching resources

Poetry Classroom: The Goldfish Pond

23 Comments 11 March 2013

Welcome to this month’s poetry classroom, with poet Tania Runyan. Up today, the innocence and wisdom of the goldfish pond.

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flash fiction foxglove

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Flash Fiction Friday: Digitalis

6 Comments 01 February 2013

Tania Runyan plays in the world of flash fiction with a new piece, exploring the dangers of following one's imagination.

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top 10 poetry

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This Year’s Top 10 Top 10 Poetic Picks

3 Comments 27 December 2012

The editors have culled our very favorite links from our weekly Top 10 Poetic Picks from 2012.

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Flash Fiction Friday: The Music Box

4 Comments 23 November 2012

Tania Runyan's latest offering for Flash Fiction Friday, in honor of every awkward teenager and music box that did her in.

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flash fiction coffee bean

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Flash Fiction Friday: The Coffee Shop

8 Comments 02 November 2012

Poet and Every Day Poems editor Tania Runyon continues her Friday forays into the world of flash fiction with this provocative scene from a coffee shop.

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Caught Flashing

6 Comments 10 August 2012

Everyone knows writing conferences can get a little crazy. In fact, this normally prim poet was just caught flashing at the Midwest Writers Workshop. Fiction flashing, that is. I should have seen it coming. I hadn’t written fiction in nearly two decades, was let loose in Muncie, Indiana, without my husband and kids, and was […]

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This Week’s Top Ten Poetic Picks

9 Comments 02 August 2012

The best in poetry (and poetic things), this week with Lyla Lindquist. 1 Art Whatever you might think about a certain television network’s coverage of the London Olympic games, it’s been outright brilliant next to history’s treatment of art as an Olympic sport. Art competitions were a part of the games in the early twentieth […]

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