Katie Hibner Poetry For Life Scholarship Finalist

Blog, Poetry for Life

Poetry for Life Scholarship Finalist: Katie Hibner

No Comments 28 March 2015

Come check out one of two finalists for the Poetry for Life Scholarship. We think you'll enjoy the unique poem entry that helped earn finalist status!

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Dylan Mathews Poetry for Life Scholarship Finalist

Blog, Poetry for Life

Poetry for Life Scholarship Finalist: Dylan Mathews

No Comments 28 March 2015

We've chosen our winner and finalists for the Poetry for Life Scholarship. Come meet one of the finalists and read one of the submitted poems.

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Leah Kovitch Poetry for Life Scholarship Winner

Blog, Poetry for Life

Poetry for Life Scholarship Winner: Leah Kovitch

No Comments 28 March 2015

It was a hard choice, but we've got a winner for the Poetry for Life Scholarship. Come meet the poet and read one of the submitted poems.

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the writing life

Become a Better Writer, Blog, Writing Life, Writing Tips

The Writing Life: The Writer’s Delusion and Telling it Slant

13 Comments 27 March 2015

How does a writer tell the truth in her writing when it doesn't line up perfectly with the facts? Charity Singleton Craig considers the writer's delusion.

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Manhattanville Castle staircase

Blog, Literary Tour

Castle Conversations: Arianna Huffington at Manhattanville College

3 Comments 26 March 2015

Manhattanville College serves up intriguing Castle Conversations, beginning with Arianna Huffington, a woman both visionary and down-to-earth.

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the best in poetry

Art, Blog, Books, Creativity, poetry, Top 10 Poetic Picks

The Best in Poetry: This Month’s Top Ten Poetic Picks

3 Comments 26 March 2015

Writing conferences pert'near South Dakota, making carrots into clarinets, art you can't see unless it's raining. It has to be our Top Ten Poetic Picks.

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A More Beautiful Question book club

A More Beautiful Question, Blog, book club, Creativity

A More Beautiful Question: Improving the Questions We Ask

3 Comments 25 March 2015

In this week's book club discussion of Warren Berger's 'A More Beautiful Question,' we consider how to improve our questions before we jump to answer them.

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Wind, What's Your Name?

Air and Wind, Blog, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Poetry Prompt: Wind, What’s Your Name?

31 Comments 23 March 2015

There are names for each bluster, gust, & breeze that blows through nearly every corner of the world. Capture the wind, name it, & write a poem. Join us!

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Lauritzen Gardens PitcherP lant

Blog, Literary Tour

Literary Tour: Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha, NE

10 Comments 20 March 2015

As March roared in like a lion, Michelle DeRusha went searching for verdant life and warmth with a Literary Tour to Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha, NE.

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Twitter Poems

Blog, poetry, Top Ten Poetic Tweets, Twitter poetry

Twitter Poems: Top Ten Poetic Tweets

4 Comments 19 March 2015

Looking for poetry on Twitter? Look no further than our latest Top Ten Poetic Tweets, featuring some of the best Twitter poems we've seen lately.

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Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare Favored Juliet

Blog, Classic Plays, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet: Surprise, Shakespeare Favored The Girl

4 Comments 17 March 2015

Was Shakespeare ahead of his time, in his portrayal of the characters in Romeo and Juliet? A close reading of the play contains the answer.

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air, breath, wind

Air and Wind, Blog, Photo Play, Photography prompts, Poems, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Photo Play 2: Air, Breath, Wind

21 Comments 16 March 2015

We invite you to explore the photographs shared by our community & write a poem inspired by what you see. Drift with the breeze & join us for Photo Play 2.

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Cantor Art Center

Art, Art Galleries and Exhibits, Blog, Literary Tour

Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

9 Comments 13 March 2015

Join Dolly Lee on her latest literary tour and explore the wide range of contemporary art in the collection at the Cantor Art Center at Stanford.

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Top 10 Dip Into Poetry Lines

Blog, Dip into Poetry, Every Day Poems, poetry, Twitter poetry

Top 10 ‘Dip Into Poetry’ Lines

2 Comments 12 March 2015

We've been taking a daily "dip into poetry" sharing over Every Day Poems on Twitter. Come discover the power of a single line.

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