Congrats Makes You Mom Day Lily

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Congratulations and Writing Opportunity: Makes You Mom

9 Comments 26 January 2015

A new website that could be a writing opportunity. You have a mom, right? There might be something you could write at Makes You Mom.

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Cookie of Good Fortune

Blog, Food Poems, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Poetry Prompt: Cookie of Good Fortune

31 Comments 26 January 2015

We think every cookie is full of good luck. Especially when they're chocolate chip! Join our poetry prompt & bake up your own cookie of good fortune.

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Love Locks Sentimental Poetry

Blog, poetry teaching resources, The Poet is In

The Poet is In: Let’s Talk Sentimental Poetry

108 Comments 23 January 2015

You wanted to know what makes for sentimental poetry. We're here to answer that question and raise a few questions of our own.

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dip into poetry

Blog, Dip into Poetry, Every Day Poems

Top 10 ‘Dip into Poetry’ Lines

1 Comment 22 January 2015

We've been taking a daily "dip into poetry" sharing over Every Day Poems on TWitter. Come discover the power of a single line.

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Losing Yourself: Rebecca Solnit’s ‘A Field Guide to Getting Lost’

25 Comments 21 January 2015

In 'A Field Guide to Getting Lost', Rebecca Solnit considers not only the virtue of losing oneself, but the necessity of it.

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Bread, Pastries, and Pies

Blog, Food Poems, Photo Play, Photography prompts, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Bread, Pastries, & Pies: Photo Play 2

35 Comments 19 January 2015

Explore the Photo Play 2 contributions from our community. Share your made-from-scratch poem inspired by all the different Bread, Pastries, & Pies you see.

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Poem Pinups Billy Collins Hunger Poem

Blog, Every Day Ideas, Every Day Poems, Getting Published

Every Day Ideas: Poem Pinups

2 Comments 16 January 2015

Now, when you share pictures of your Every Day Poem pinups, we'll save them for possible inclusion in a special "Every Day Ideas" ebook in 2015.

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top ten poetry at work

Blog, poetry, poetry and business, Poetry at Work, Poetry at Work Day, Twitter poetry

Top Ten Favorites from Poetry at Work Day 2015

8 Comments 15 January 2015

As our third annual celebration of Poetry at Work Day concludes, we give you our top ten highlights, 47 tweets at a time.

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Mark the Mammoth Poetry at Work Day

Blog, poetry and business, Poetry at Work, Poetry at Work Day

Mark the Mammoth Celebrates Poetry at Work Day

7 Comments 14 January 2015

We'll have a full wrap-up of our 2015 Poetry at Work Day celebration tomorrow, but today, enjoy the poems of Mark the Mammoth.

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On Being a Writer Workshop

Blog, Workshops, writer's group resources

Writing Workshop: On Being a Writer

9 Comments 12 January 2015

A writing workshop that will help you develop a satisfying, lasting writing life. Learn from two great editors who've developed successful long-term careers.

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Bread, Pastries, & Pies

Blog, Food Poems, Photo Play, Photography prompts, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Photo Play: Bread, Pastries, and Pies

46 Comments 12 January 2015

Food photography can be poetry for the eyes, especially when its Bread, Pastries, & Pies. Join us as we pass around the baked goods. It's Photo Play time!

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Paris Writing Desk Poet is In

Blog, poetry teaching resources, The Poet is In

The Poet is In: Ask Us Anything About Poetry!

140 Comments 09 January 2015

You've got poetry questions. We've got award-winning poets and poetry reviewers. Ask us anything about poetry! The Poet is in, ready to answer.

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twitter poems top ten poetic tweets (3)

Blog, poetry, Top Ten Poetic Tweets, Twitter poetry

Twitter Poems: Top Ten Poetic Tweets

2 Comments 08 January 2015

Looking for poetry on Twitter? Look no further than our latest Top Ten Poetic Tweets, featuring some of the best Twitter poems we've seen lately.

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Sheldon Museum of Art Lincoln NE 5

Art, Art Galleries and Exhibits, Blog, Literary Tour

Literary Tour: Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln NE

12 Comments 07 January 2015

Take a literary tour of Lincoln's Sheldon Museum of Art, from the giant head on the steps to giant torn pages in the breeze and everything in between.

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Art, Art Galleries and Exhibits, Blog, Books, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets

Edvard Munch – Poet?

7 Comments 06 January 2015

Edvard Munch is known for his paintings, especially "The Scream." But he was also a poet, and wrote many entries in his private journals in poetic form.

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Bread, Pastries, and Pies

Blog, Food Poems, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Bread, Pastries, Pies Playlist & Prompt

133 Comments 05 January 2015

This month's playlist is a mouth-watering buffet of sweet musical delights. Listen along, share a pastry poem, and think about your New Year's diet later.

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Cranberry Candles Citizens for a Saner Internet

Blog, Citizens for a Saner Internet, Writing Life

Resolved: Citizens for a Saner Internet—and Life

46 Comments 02 January 2015

What costs are you bearing—from an uncontrolled, angry, demanding Internet? And what are you going to do about it?

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5 great new year's poems

Blog, New Year's Poems

5 Great New Year’s Poems

10 Comments 01 January 2015

The future rolling out before us captivates us with anticipation at the same time as it can unnerve us with its uncertainty. For now, let's go with the anticipation, revel in the thoughts of good things to come. Here are 5 great poems to mark the New Year, and new beginnings.

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Mischief Cafe Little Rock

Blog, Mischief Café

Mischief Café: Little Rock, Arkansas

17 Comments 31 December 2014

When Laura Lynn Brown hosted a Mischief Cafe in her home in Little Rock, she thought her guests might discuss their relationships to poetry. She didn’t expect a stealth sock.

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Americana Poems, Blog, book reviews, Poems, Poems about poetry, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: William Stafford and “Ask Me”

3 Comments 30 December 2014

William Stafford had a unique poetic voice that transcended literary movements. "Ask Me: 100 Essential Poems" provides a window into that voice.

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