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Give the Gift of Every Day Poems

No Comments 28 November 2014

People tell us they love poetry, but they don't seek it out, because they're not sure where or how to find great poems. Your gift of Every Day Poems will be their delight!

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thanksgiving poem emily dickinson

Blog, Emily Dickinson, Family Poems, Thanksgiving Poems

Thanksgiving Poem: Emily Dickinson’s 814 (One Day is there of the Series)

2 Comments 27 November 2014

Thanksgiving, it seems, is at much an act of memory as of the present moment, a time of reflection. At least to hear Emily Dickinson tell it.

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Blog, Mischief Café, Recipes

Mischief Cafe: Colorado Springs School, CO

16 Comments 26 November 2014

The Mischief Cafe makes a stop to the Colorado Springs School. Poetry, elusive tea, and cinnamon bread prevail after a snowy trip through Vail.

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Blog, Literary Tour

Bonneville Salt Flats and Salt Lake Park, Utah

6 Comments 26 November 2014

Optical illusion or the curvature or the earth? Take a look at the beauty of Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats.

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Green Leaf Book of Middles

A Book of Middles, Blog, Fiction

A Book of Middles: Silver Dream

18 Comments 24 November 2014

What does a "middle" look like in a story? Or, how do you perhaps begin a story "in medias res"? The Book of Middles explores these questions and more.

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Growth Rings

Blog, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Whittles & Wood Poems, writing prompts

Whittles and Wood Poetry Prompt: Growth Rings

14 Comments 24 November 2014

Growth rings are the well-kept journal in the life of a tree. Join us for our Whittles and Wood poetry prompt and write a poem — the glimpse of a year.

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Poetry for Life Blue Umbrellas

Blog, Poetry for Life

Poetry for Life: The 5 Vital Approaches

10 Comments 22 November 2014

In a recent article at The Huffington Post, I highlighted 5 vital approaches for furthering "poetry for life." Now Tweetspeak is taking it a step beyond.

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beat museum san francisco

Beat Poets, Blog, Literary Tour

Literary Tour: The Beat Museum, North Beach, San Francisco

3 Comments 21 November 2014

Discover Kerouac, Ginsberg and more with a visit to the Beat Museum in San Francisco's North Beach.

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Trouble Coffee Yosemite sign

Blog, love poems, Mischief Café, Sestina

Mischief Cafe: San Francisco and Trouble Coffee

11 Comments 20 November 2014

From mind-reading cat ears, to Trouble Coffee in two locations, the San Francisco Mischief Café is full of adjustments.

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Dandelion in Fall Mischief Cafe

Blog, Mischief Café

Mischief Cafe: Seattle, Washington

23 Comments 19 November 2014

The 11-day Mischief Cafe tour begins, and the defining quality will be surprise (with plenty of hilarity to go along with it).

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twitter poems top 10 poetic tweets

Blog, poetry, Top Ten Poetic Tweets, Twitter poetry

Twitter Poems: Top Ten Poetic Tweets

3 Comments 19 November 2014

Looking for poetry on Twitter? We've made it easy for you, with this roundup of the best Twitter poems we've seen in the past few weeks.

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Whittles and Wood 2

Blog, Photo Play, Photography prompts, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Whittles & Wood Poems, writing prompts

Whittles and Wood Prompt: Photo Play 2

40 Comments 17 November 2014

Join us for a walk in the woods and a little leaf-peeping. Explore the Photo Play contributions from our community & share your poetry with us.

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Muir Woods literary tour

Blog, Literary Tour

Literary Tours: Muir Woods National Monument, San Francisco

7 Comments 14 November 2014

In today's literary tour, hike the Muir Woods National Monument in northern California with Dolly Lee.

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Poetry at Work Day Poster 2015 565

Blog, poetry and business, Poetry at Work, Poetry at Work Day

Get Your Free Official 2015 Poetry at Work Day Poster

4 Comments 13 November 2014

This year's official Poetry at Work Day poster, suitable for hanging in your workplace (or framing in your kitchen, which may even be your workplace), is now available.

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interview colorado poet laureate joseph hutchison part 3

Blog, Interviews, poetry teaching resources

Everyone Has Imagination: Interview with Colorado Poet Laureate Joseph Hutchison (Part 3)

2 Comments 12 November 2014

Colorado Poet Laureate Joseph Hutchison doesn't want poets to make a living writing poetry. Find out why in Maureen Doallas's final interview segment.

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whittles and wood

Blog, Photo Play, Photography prompts, Themed Writing Projects, Whittles & Wood Poems, writing prompts

Whittles and Wood: Photo Play and Prompt

36 Comments 10 November 2014

The grand flourish of Autumn trees signal the final act before winter's arrival. Join us for Photo Play as we capture the dramatic stagecraft of nature.

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Office of Poetry Grievances

Blog, poetry, poetry teaching resources

The Office of Poetry Grievances

17 Comments 07 November 2014

Do you have a grievance to file against poetry? Charity Singleton Craig is staffing the Office of Poetry Grievances today.

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Top 10 Dip into Poetry Lines

Blog, Every Day Poems, poetry

Top Ten #DipIntoPoetry Lines from Every Day Poems

6 Comments 06 November 2014

We've been taking a daily "dip into poetry" with Every Day Poems. Come discover the power of a line in our Top Ten Dip into Poetry Lines.

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interview colorado poet laureate joseph hutchison

Blog, Interviews, poetry teaching resources

Let Go of What You Mean to Say: Interview with Colorado Poet Laureate Joseph Hutchison (Part 2)

5 Comments 05 November 2014

"Most adults have suffered from 'imaginal abuse,'" says Joseph Hutchison. Read more on poetic imagination in Part 2 of Maureen Doallas's interview with the Colorado poet laureate.

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Wood and Whittles

Blog, Music, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Whittles & Wood Poems, writing prompts

Whittles & Wood: Poetry Prompt and Playlist

34 Comments 03 November 2014

We've searched far & wide to find just the right songs for you in our latest poetry prompt & playlist. Listen along & sharpen your poetic carving skills.

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