Take Your Poet to Work: Rumi

Take Your Poet to Work - Rumi

Ever wish you could take your favorite poet along with you to work? You know, have Rumi help you mix the chemicals for that lab experiment you’re working on. Or serve up a poet on a stick along with the sandwiches to your lunch customers. With Take Your Poet to Work Day just around the corner, now you can.

The Anthologist: Motion

The Anthologist 2

I found Paul Chowder at the Tip O’Neill building. He was in the passport office cajoling the bureaucrats into renewing his travel documents just days before his departure to Switzerland for some big international poetry doings because he didn’t realize he’d expired. I was there for my once-a-decade passport renewal even though I had no […]

The Art of Immigration

The Things We Cannot Write About cropped

Did you know that our beloved Top 10 Columnist Matthew Kreider is in the midst of moving to Canada from the U.S.? Says Matthew, as he juggles the boxes… I dream of a world where artists oversee all matters pertaining to customs and immigration, where only Manchego cheese-eating poets ask me to document the contents […]