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Boris Pasternak "February" Tweetspeak Poetry

Classic Poetry, Humanity Poems, love poetry, Poems, poetry and business, Poets, Russian Poets

Poets and Poems: Boris Pasternak and “February”

6 Comments 29 July 2014

"February: Poems" by Boris Pasternak reflect the poet (and novelist's) experience of living in a Russia marked by war, revolution, civil war, and oppressive communism.

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laundry poems

Blog, Laundry Poems, Poems, poetry

Top 10 Laundry Poems (and a Giveaway)

32 Comments 24 July 2014

Take a break from your laundry hanging, or ironing, or presoaking, and enjoy this neatly folded basket of laundry poems, plus a giveaway of Scratch Magazine.

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independence poems

Independence Poems, Poems, Red Poems

Top Ten Independence Poems

5 Comments 03 July 2014

All of us want a little independence; some of us want a lot. Which is to say that independence isn't only a political thing. Celebrate (or keep reaching) with these 10 great independence poems.

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summer poems

Poems, poetry, shakespeare poems, Summer Poems

Top Ten Summer Poems

12 Comments 26 June 2014

To help you stretch out these summer days as long as possible, we've gathered up a great collection of summer poems, from dandelions to love on the beach to patio umbrellas and everything in between (including the mosquitoes).

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the best in poetry

Blog, poetry, Top 10 Poetic Picks

The Best in Poetry: This Month’s Top Ten Poetic Picks

5 Comments 19 June 2014

The literary novel might be dead, how to get Stephen King's royalties, wrestling Ulysses and haiku-izing your status update. It's our Top Ten Poetic Picks.

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Take Your Poet to Work John Keats

Blog, John Keats, poetry humor, Take Your Poet to Work Day

Take Your Poet to Work: John Keats

5 Comments 18 June 2014

Romantic poet John Keats trained as an apothecary. He'd be a great help in the lab this afternoon. He's the latest in our Take Your Poet to Work collection.

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Tweetspeak Poetry Poets and Poems Ron Padgett Collected Poems

Funny Poems, Getting Published, Humorous Poems, Poems, Poems about poetry, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: Ron Padgett and “Collected Poems”

3 Comments 27 May 2014

"Collected Poems" by Ron Padgett covers more than 50 years of work, summing up a life lived in the creation of poetry.

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TSP Snowy Woods Robert Frost

Americana Poems, Nature Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets, Robert Frost

Poets and Poems: Robert Frost and “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

9 Comments 06 May 2014

"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost helped define poetry for millions of American Baby Boomers. It is still influential today.

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Wisława Szymborska Interview with a Child

Blog, National Poetry Month, poetry, Poetry Dare, Wislawa Szymborska

National Poetry Month Poetry Dare: Wisława Szymborska’s “Interview with a Child”

18 Comments 30 April 2014

The young Master in Wisława Szymborska's "Interview with a Child" challenges us to reject the idea that things are only as they seem.

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wislawa szymborska vocabulary

Blog, National Poetry Month, poetry, Poetry Dare, Wislawa Szymborska, writer's group resources

National Poetry Month Poetry Dare: Wisława Szymborska’s “Vocabulary”

37 Comments 02 April 2014

Join us for Week #1 of our National Poetry Month Poetry Dare. We're looking at "Vocabulary" and "An Effort" by Wisława Szymborska. What did you read?

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Red flower love etc poems

book reviews, Books, L.L. Barkat, love poems, love poetry, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews

Poets and Poems: L.L. Barkat’s “Love, Etc.”

1 Comment 01 April 2014

Love Etc. reminds us what eternity is, and what part of it is contained within ourselves.

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twitter poetry top ten poetic tweets

Blog, poetry, Top Ten Poetic Tweets, Twitter poetry

Twitter Poetry: Top Ten Poetic Tweets

2 Comments 06 March 2014

Sometimes, it so happens we read a tweet and say to ourselves, “That’s poetry.” It’s Twitter Poetry. Maybe it didn’t even mean to be a poem, but it’s a poetic thing all the same. It’s a way of using words well.

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moon poems

Blog, Moon poems, poetry, Top Ten Poetic Tweets, Twitter poetry

Top Ten Poetic Tweets: Moon Poems Edition

3 Comments 20 February 2014

To help us in our quest to put poetry on the moon, we put out a call on Twitter for moon poems. Here are 10 of our favorites.

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coffee poem of the month poetry daily

Blog, Every Day Poems, Poem of the Month, Poems, poetry

The Poem of the Month: January

16 Comments 17 February 2014

Wherein we reveal the poem of the month. You picked it. We're unveiling it.

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chocolate poems

Blog, Chocolate, Chocolate Poems, love poems, Valentine's Day

7 Chocolate Poems for Your Love (of Chocolate)

12 Comments 12 February 2014

Good love poems aren't always about love. Sometimes, they are about chocolate (its own kind of love). Try this collection of rich, dark chocolate poems.

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Poets and Poems: Robin Robertson’s “The Wrecking Light”

Blog, book reviews, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: Robin Robertson’s “The Wrecking Light”

7 Comments 04 February 2014

Poets and Poems: To read Robin Robertson's "The Wrecking Light" is to walk in the poetry of identity, place, geography, mythology, geography -- and more.

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Poetry at Work Day winning poems

article, Poems, poetry, poetry and business, Poetry at Work, Poetry at Work Day, Poetry Gifts

Poems for Poetry at Work Day: The Five Winners

8 Comments 21 January 2014

Tweetspeak Poetry announces the five winners of our Poetry at Work Day contest, who submitted poems about work to win a copy of "Poetry at Work."

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top tweets from poetry at work day

Blog, poetry, poetry and business, Poetry at Work, Poetry at Work Day, work poems

Top Ten Tweets (and a thousand other things) from Poetry at Work Day

6 Comments 16 January 2014

From newsrooms to libraries, from the Scottish parliament to the coffee shop, Poetry at Work Day was celebrated around the world. Here are our highlights.

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Poets and Poems Grace Schulman Without a Claim

book reviews, Grief Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: Grace Schulman’s “Without a Claim”

12 Comments 07 January 2014

Grace Schulman's new collection of poems "Without a Claim" creates quiet repose in the face of discontinuity. Can poets and poems make sense of this?

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Blog, poetry

Top Ten Posts of 2013 at Tweetspeak Poetry

2 Comments 02 January 2014

As we turn the page to 2014, we're playing back the most popular posts at Tweetspeak Poetry of 2013. Not surprisingly, these posts reflected our commitment to play, learn, and grow.

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