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the best in poetry

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The Best in Poetry: Top Ten Poetic Picks

4 Comments 12 February 2015

Writing your way to a better life, Langston doodles, literary restaurant reviews and becoming mermaids. It's our Top Ten Poetic Picks.

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dip into poetry

Blog, Dip into Poetry, Every Day Poems

Top 10 ‘Dip into Poetry’ Lines

2 Comments 22 January 2015

We've been taking a daily "dip into poetry" sharing over Every Day Poems on TWitter. Come discover the power of a single line.

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twitter poems top ten poetic tweets (3)

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Twitter Poems: Top Ten Poetic Tweets

2 Comments 08 January 2015

Looking for poetry on Twitter? Look no further than our latest Top Ten Poetic Tweets, featuring some of the best Twitter poems we've seen lately.

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Americana Poems, Blog, book reviews, Poems, Poems about poetry, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: William Stafford and “Ask Me”

3 Comments 30 December 2014

William Stafford had a unique poetic voice that transcended literary movements. "Ask Me: 100 Essential Poems" provides a window into that voice.

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Red Christmas Gift with Star and Ribbon Poetry Prompt

Blog, Christmas Poems, poetry, poetry prompt, writing prompts

The Gift of a Day: Poetry Prompt

1 Comment 25 December 2014

On a day like Christmas, gifts are the center, and ultimately can act as symbols of the deeper gift of sacred space and sharing.

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Best in Poetry Top Ten Poetic Picks

Art, Blog, Books, poetry, Top 10 Poetic Picks

The Best in Poetry: This Month’s Top Ten Poetic Picks

8 Comments 04 December 2014

Toni Morrison finally reads 'Beloved.' You might be too smart to write. Why productivity might be killing you. Our Top Ten Poetic Picks.

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Billy Collins, Dog Poems, Funny Poems, Poems, poetry, Poets

An Evening with Billy Collins

18 Comments 18 November 2014

Poet Billy Collins read from his new volume, "Aimless Love," in St. Louis County, Missouri on Nov. 1; more than 800 people came for an intimate evening.

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Top 10 Dip into Poetry Lines

Blog, Every Day Poems, poetry

Top Ten #DipIntoPoetry Lines from Every Day Poems

6 Comments 06 November 2014

We've been taking a daily "dip into poetry" with Every Day Poems. Come discover the power of a line in our Top Ten Dip into Poetry Lines.

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top red poems

Blog, Red Poems

Top Ten Red Poems

5 Comments 16 October 2014

If there's one thing red is not, it's neutral. We've collected ten great red poems that demand your attention.

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Fall Leaf Book of Goodbyes

Poems, poetry and business, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: Jillian Weise and “The Book of Goodbyes”

1 Comment 14 October 2014

"The Book of Goodbyes" by Jillian Weise is a collection of poems that are sometimes raw, sometimes searing, but always arresting and always honest.

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article, book reviews, Funny Poems, Humorous Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry humor, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: Aaron Belz and “Glitter Bomb”

6 Comments 07 October 2014

Aaron Belz, often associated with the New York School, has a new collection of poems, "Glitter Bomb." And it is a fun collection to read.

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mirror poems

Blog, Mirror Poems, poetry

Top Ten Mirror Poems

8 Comments 04 September 2014

Poems make wonderful mirrors, excellent tools for self-reflection. We've gathered up a collection of 10 great mirror poems.

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the one that got away

Blog, Fishing Poems, love poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Poetry Prompt: The One That Got Away

35 Comments 25 August 2014

Our poetry prompt beckons you to gather among friends at the Tweetspeak Bait and Tackle. We're spinning tales about the catch we just couldn't hold on to.

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Poets and Poems Luci Shaw "Scape"

Nature Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets, Spiritual Poems

Poets and Poems: Luci Shaw and “Scape”

11 Comments 19 August 2014

Written with a perceptive and understanding eye, the poetry collection "Scape" by Luci Shaw is about the beauty of creation and the creative act.

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tweetspeak poetry top ten posts

Blog, poetry, Top 10 Poetic Picks

Tweetspeak Poetry’s Top Ten Posts from the Last Month (or so)

7 Comments 07 August 2014

Ever wonder what we're reading at Tweetspeak Poetry? Browse our Top Ten Posts from the last month (or so) and find out.

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Gone Fishing

Blog, Fishing Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Water Poems, writing prompts

Gone Fishing: Poetry Prompt and Playlist

23 Comments 04 August 2014

We've got a roundup of the [mostly] happy songs in our new Playlist. Catch a listen, put up the "Gone Fishing" sign and cast a line or two of poetry with us.

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poetry top ten picks

Blog, poetry, poetry and business, Poetry at Work, poetry humor, poetry news, Top 10 Poetic Picks

The Best in Poetry: Top Ten Poetic Picks

10 Comments 31 July 2014

Trouble in the Little Free Libraries, the shocking truth about boredom, words to make your poetry legit, Neruda's new old poems, and why Tim Tebow sells more books than Billy Collins. It's the best in poetry (and poetic things in our latest Top Ten Poetic Picks.

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Boris Pasternak "February" Tweetspeak Poetry

Classic Poetry, Humanity Poems, love poetry, Poems, poetry and business, Poets, Russian Poets

Poets and Poems: Boris Pasternak and “February”

6 Comments 29 July 2014

"February: Poems" by Boris Pasternak reflect the poet (and novelist's) experience of living in a Russia marked by war, revolution, civil war, and oppressive communism.

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laundry poems

Blog, Laundry Poems, Poems, poetry

Top 10 Laundry Poems (and a Giveaway)

44 Comments 24 July 2014

Take a break from your laundry hanging, or ironing, or presoaking, and enjoy this neatly folded basket of laundry poems, plus a giveaway of Scratch Magazine.

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independence poems

Independence Poems, Poems, Red Poems

Top Ten Independence Poems

5 Comments 03 July 2014

All of us want a little independence; some of us want a lot. Which is to say that independence isn't only a political thing. Celebrate (or keep reaching) with these 10 great independence poems.

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