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national student poet louis lafair

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National Student Poet Louis Lafair: Part 2

1 Comment 08 October 2014

National Student Poet Louis Lafair discusses the influences of his poetry, and his vision for experiencing poetry in the 21st century.

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journey into poetry maureen doallas

Blog, journey into poetry, poetry

Journey into Poetry: Maureen Doallas

36 Comments 17 September 2014

For some, reading and writing poetry is a way "through the tunnel and back into the light." Follow Maureen Doallas' Journey into Poetry.

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mirror poems

Blog, Mirror Poems, poetry

Top Ten Mirror Poems

8 Comments 04 September 2014

Poems make wonderful mirrors, excellent tools for self-reflection. We've gathered up a collection of 10 great mirror poems.

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national student poet michaela coplen

Blog, Interview

National Student Poet: Michaela Coplen (Part I): Connecting with Poetry

17 Comments 28 May 2014

National Student Poet Michaela Coplen noticed the voice of the military family in literature was absent. "I’ve always wanted to help fill that void."

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Water and Branch photo tweetspeakpoetry.com

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Interview with Poet Patty Paine (Part 2): Poetry Can Save You

6 Comments 09 May 2014

Poet Patty Paine confides that “poetry, the reading and the writing of it, has saved my life."

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Maureen Doallas: Patty Paine Interview Part 1

Blog, Interview, Poets

Interview with Poet Patty Paine (Part 1): Write Fearlessly

5 Comments 02 May 2014

"[H]aving a routine is necessary. There’s a difference between committing to a set period of time to write and needing the universe to align in order to write." ~ Patty Paine

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Image-ine Hot Sky Lisa Hess Hesselgrave Maureen Doallas

Blog, Creativity, Image-ine

Image-ine Poetry: “Hot Sky” by Lisa Hess Hesselgrave

21 Comments 27 December 2013

Join Maureen Doallas in this Image-ine Poetry creative writing exercise based on "Hot Sky," a painting by Lisa Hess Hesselgrave.

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Warrior Canoe Holly Friesen

Art, Image-ine, poetry

Image-ine: Warrior Canoe by Holly Friesen

8 Comments 15 March 2013

Maureen Doallas pairs her poem 'A Ladder Our Boat' with Holly Friesen's 'Warrior Canoe' in our latest Image-ine feature.

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visual poetry

Blog, Image-ine, writing prompts

Image-ine: Paired Off

1 Comment 19 October 2012

Artist Evy Lareau and poet Maureen Doallas pair off to produce a lovely piece of visual poetry.

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Art, Art and Disabilities, Blog, Interviews

In the Midst of Tragedy, Art Heals: Interview with Lisa Wayman

10 Comments 05 October 2012

Registered nurse Lisa Wayman is board-certified in advanced holistic nursing, which, in simplest terms, is a relationship-based way to care for the ill that is grounded in the philosophy that a patient becomes well when the whole person — body, mind, spirit — is treated and healed. In practice, a holistic nurse “partners” with a […]

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Silver Forks

Blog, Top 10 Poetic Picks

This Week’s Top Ten Poetic Picks

11 Comments 27 September 2012

The best in poetry (and poetic things), this week with Lyla Lindquist. 1 Art This afternoon while I sipped hot rooibos from a fancy gold-rimmed tea cup (Get on the bus, Gus. All the cool Tweetspeak kids are drinking tea now.), I thought to myself, “Gee, I wonder where I could get a complete listing of […]

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Blog, Image-ine, poetry, visual poetry

Image-ine: Red Shoes

18 Comments 21 September 2012

A girl can dream of stepping out on the High Road, a flame in heels that’ll steel no beau’s heart. What laces each ankle in place she’ll turn to take his fancy and he, blood pressure rising, will let her lead and whirl. “Red Shoes,” acrylic on board, by Nicola Slattery. Used with permission. © […]

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Top 10 Poetic Picks

This Week’s Top 10 Poetic Picks

16 Comments 05 July 2012

The best in poetry (and poetic things), this week with Matthew Kreider.

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poetry, Top 10 Poetic Picks

This Week’s Top 10 Poetic Picks

12 Comments 07 June 2012

The best in poetry, (and poetic things), this week with Matthew Kreider.

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Image-ine, visual poetry

Image-ine: Rally of Aqua

9 Comments 01 June 2012

The scrape of palette knife an accident of memory...

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Image-ine, poetry, visual poetry

Image-ine: Child Poet

9 Comments 11 May 2012

She grew up to be a poet...

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poetry, Twitter poetry

Alice and the Chinese Jar 5

3 Comments 07 July 2011

Below are the final five poems from the recent Twitter poetry party.

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poetry, Twitter poetry

Alice and the Chinese Jar 4

3 Comments 02 July 2011

Something unusual happened with this group during the Twitter poetry party; you’ll see it in the last two poems.

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poetry, Twitter poetry

Alice and the Chinese Jar

6 Comments 06 June 2011

Last Thursday night, there was another gathering of the Tweetspeakers for a Twitter poetry party.

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article, poetry

National Poetry Month: Maureen Doallas — and a Giveaway

6 Comments 14 April 2011

Maureen Doallas is an honors graduate of Vassar College, and has been a features writer and editor for more than 35 years. One of her poems is included in the Gulf of Mexico charity anthology Oil and Water… and Other Things That Don’t Mix (LL-Publications, 2010); two poems appear at Poets for Living Waters; and […]

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