Make Me Laugh

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Funniest Songs Ever: Make Me Laugh Playlist & Prompt!

7 Comments 01 December 2014

We've rounded up the funniest songs ever, to keep your holidays light (even hilarious). From rock to pop, opera to country, we've got the best funny songs!

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Wood and Whittles

Blog, Music, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Whittles & Wood Poems, writing prompts

Whittles & Wood: Poetry Prompt and Playlist

34 Comments 03 November 2014

We've searched far & wide to find just the right songs for you in our latest poetry prompt & playlist. Listen along & sharpen your poetic carving skills.

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trains and tracks playlist and poetry prompt

Blog, Music, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Themed Writing Projects, Trains and Tracks

Trains and Tracks: Poetry Prompt & Playlist

25 Comments 06 October 2014

Musicians have not overlooked the magic and romance of the rails, and we've put together a collection of train songs in our new playlist to start off this month's Trains and Tracks theme.

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the ballad

Americana Poems, Blog, Music, Music Poems, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

The Ballad: Poetry Prompt and Playlist

27 Comments 01 September 2014

Our new playlist and poetry prompt pays homage to the timeless ballad. Listen along to our inspired tunes and let it bring out your inner troubadour.

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top ten posts at tweetspeak poetry

Blog, Music, poetry, Top 10 Poetic Picks

Tweetspeak Poetry’s Top Ten Posts from the Last Month (or so)

1 Comment 27 March 2014

What are we reading at Tweetspeak Poetry? Catch up on the top posts from last month (or so).

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moon songs playlist

Blog, Moon Songs, Music

Top Ten Songs to Send You to the Moon (Moon Songs Playlist)

1 Comment 20 February 2014

The moon, with its silent glow and deep mystery, is the locus of many a love song. Give our "To the Moon" moon songs playlist a try for poetic inspiration.

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Spanish Lace Poetry Prompt

Blog, Dream Poems, Music, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Spanish Lace, Themed Writing Projects, writing prompts

Spanish Lace: Playlist & Poetry Prompt

50 Comments 03 February 2014

If you look closely, the intricate pattern of Spanish Lace has a story to tell. We’ve woven together a new playlist of songs—from Spanish lace to lace in general, from the group Paper Lace to some great Spanish love songs. An intoxicating variety of tunes, and a poetry prompt.

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spoken word poetry cello

Blog, Courage Poems, Hope Poems, Music, poetry, Spoken Word Poems

Poetry and Music: A Story that Could Be True

3 Comments 16 November 2013

What if you paired poetry with music? Daniel Sperry has done just that, beautifully.

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Cat Poetry White Cat Poems

Americana Poems, Blog, Cat Poems, Ghazal Poems, Haiku Poems, Music, Poems, poetry, poetry teaching resources, Themed Writing Projects, writing prompts

Cat Poetry: The Cat’s Meow Playlist & Prompt

24 Comments 04 November 2013

Cat poetry has been around for a long time. And why not? Cats are just so intriguing!

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Ghazal Poetry Poems Water

Blog, Courage Poems, Ghazal Poems, Music, Poems, poetry, poetry teaching resources, Themed Writing Projects, writing prompts

Ghazal Poetry: How to Write a Ghazal & Playlist!

45 Comments 07 October 2013

Ghazal poetry is poetry of longing. Check out these easy instructions for How to Write a Ghazal. And smile at "Hip-Hop Ghazal," by Patricia Smith.

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Tattoo Songs Poetry

Blog, Bottled & Canned, Music, poetry teaching resources, Themed Writing Projects, writer's group resources, writing prompts

Best Tattoo Songs: Plus, Poetry

15 Comments 02 September 2013

To kick off this month's new Tattoo poetry theme, we gathered a list of the best tattoo songs we could find.

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top ten poetry playlists

Blog, Music, poetry

Ten Great Writing Playlists & Poetry Prompts

2 Comments 22 August 2013

Do you have a favorite playlist you listen to while you write poetry? We're featuring ten of our favorite themed writing playlists.

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bottled and canned poetry prompt

Blog, Bottled & Canned, Music, Poems, poetry, poetry teaching resources, Rock Song Poems, Themed Writing Projects, writer's group resources, writing prompts

Bottles & Cans: A Playlist and Poetry Prompt

14 Comments 05 August 2013

Can you put bottles and cans in your poems? Join us for our new Bottled & Canned theme, and a brand new playlist and poetry prompt.

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Rock Song Poetry Acres Wild Jethro Tull

Blog, Hope Poems, love poems, love poetry, Music, Poems, poetry, Rock Song Poems, writing prompts

Rock ‘n Roll Poetry Prompt: Instrumental

9 Comments 29 July 2013

Rock music contains poetry, as do the instruments and voices that speak it. Jethro Tull's "Acres Wild" shows us the way.

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Blog, Mirror Poems, Music, poetry, writing prompts

Tweetspeak Rocks (A Poetry Prompt)

23 Comments 01 July 2013

We're rocking this month at Tweetspeak! Come kick off this month's "Rock and Roll" theme with a killer playlist and poetry prompt. Are you ready to rock?

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Blog, Music, Poems, writing prompts

Mirror, Mirror (A Poetry Prompt)

32 Comments 03 June 2013

Seth Haines starts out our June Mirror, Mirror theme with a musical reflection -- our June poetry prompt playlist of mirror tunes.

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Blog, Dragons and Creatures, Music, poetry, Themed Writing Projects

Puff The Magic Dragon v. The Chupacabra (A Poetry Prompt)

10 Comments 01 April 2013

Start April with some poetry about dragons and creatures, and a brand new creature-themed musical playlist to get your poetry juices flowing.

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Vincent Van Gogh Rooms

Art, Blog, Music, Videos

Vincent • Jane Olivor (Happy Birthday Van Gogh!)

No Comments 30 March 2013

A tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, in song. Jane Olivor video. Happy Birthday, Vincent!

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pantoum goat poetry prompt

Blog, Music, Pantoum, poetry, Themed Writing Projects

Pant, Pant, “Ou-ou-oum” (A Goat Song Pantoum Poetry Prompt)

16 Comments 04 March 2013

One Direction and Bon Jovi are all over the new goat song craze. We kick off our March Pantoum poetry theme with a playlist for the goat pantoum.

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Poetry of Nina Simone

Blog, Literary Birthdays, Music, poetry

Happy Birthday Nina Simone: Queen of Sung Poetry

1 Comment 21 February 2013

We believe in the art of turning one direction into another. After all, that seems like one of the deepest possibilities of poetry.

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