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Choose the Poem of the Month

No Comments 10 March 2014

Looking for the best poem? It might be a matter of the heart. Help us choose the poem of the month!

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Red Poetry by Sonia Joie

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Poetry Classroom: My Daughter’s Hair

4 Comments 25 March 2013

Welcome to this month’s poetry classroom with Tania Runyan. Today's poem will leave you wanting red.

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Purple Plays (An Associative Poetry Prompt)

21 Comments 11 February 2013

Men have long lusted after the cherry-red Porsche, or the ruby-red lips of their lovers. The perfect little black dress is the staple of the refined lady's closet. Children have long dreaded the color "school-bus yellow." What objects do you most associate with colors purple and indigo? What emotional states do the colors bring to mind? Seth Haines has a new poetry prompt.

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Purple Rain and Indigo Blues (A Plum-Good Poetry Prompt)

15 Comments 04 February 2013

Seth Haines invites you to share your purple-themed poetry, your indigo verses, your plum-good musings with a new poetry prompt and themed playlist. Who knows, maybe we'll feature your work in an upcoming piece at Tweetspeak!

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Plum Blossom by John Morgan

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Poetry Classroom: Sour Plums

21 Comments 30 January 2013

In this final week of Poetry Classroom with Anne M. Doe Overstreet, we invite you to consider signing up for Anne's 2013 Poetry Workshop.

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From Blush to Fiery Passion

13 Comments 28 February 2012

Seventeen poems were submitted for our February prompt of “red,” and they ranged from a mere hint of blush to an all-out fiery passion of RED. (I’m still fanning myself.)

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Red Whistles at the Wolf

11 Comments 21 February 2012

We’ve been celebrating the color red here this month at Tweetspeak, so red has been a bit on my mind.

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Color Poems

8 Comments 08 February 2010

From eggplant to ordinary blue, vermillion to petunia pink, these color poems sizzle with hue.

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Poems of the Ruby Moon

5 Comments 08 October 2009

Surreal poems on work, love, and the ruby moon.

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