Dip Into Poetry: Sharing Over Every Day Poems

One of the things we learned in our very first Poetry Dare was the power of a poetry buddy. For the Dared and for the Companion-to-the-Dared, sharing Every Day Poems lines back and forth each day brought the verse alive in a surprising way.

While some of us are quite happy to read poetry and keep it to ourselves, many of us delight to share the favorite line that simply made us open our eyes, or say “Ah,” or “Mmm,” or even got us to make a life decision we hadn’t yet known we were going to make.

So, here’s the possibility. Whether you wish to be the Dared, or the Companion-to-the-Dared, consider this your personal chance to share the lines you love best: on Twitter, each day, we are listening (and sometimes furthering the conversation) if you share your favorite lines from the day’s Every Day Poems.

It’s easy.

1. Just tweet your favorite line (or lines)
2. Alert us with an @tspoetry
3. Add the hashtag #dipintopoetry

And there we are. The morning’s poetry becomes the morning’s shared poetry. We love to hear what you love.

Photo by Karen Roe, Creative Commons, via Flickr.



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