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Infographic: Poetry at Work Day 2014


poetry at work infographic featured

2nd Annual Poetry at Work Day is coming January 14, 2014

In a recent survey of 1500 CEOs, IBM reported that creativity was the top leadership quality needed to take businesses into the future — it ranked higher than integrity and global thinking. While you might find this result surprising, it won’t likely surprise you that poets are, well, creative. Perhaps that’s why Harvard Business Review recently discussed the value of poetry for professionals. And why a business leader like Sidney Harman was known to ask his staff to hire poets as managers. (Poets? As managers? And he ran a successful business?)

Tweetspeak Poetry believes in poetry at work — finding it at work (poetry is all over the workplace) and bringing it to work (why, we even recently sponsored Take Your Poet to Work Day.)

To launch the celebration, we’re releasing our brand new 2014 Poetry at Work Day infographic, and the official 2014 Poetry at Work Day poster (see below to order yours).

Tweetspeak Poetry

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Post and Poetry at Work Day infographic by L. Willingham Lindquist.

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Poetry at Work Day Poster

Want your own Poetry at Work Day 2014 official poster?

We have now shipped all of our official posters. Still want something to post? We’ve got sharp new printable posters and computer wallpapers here.


Poetry at Work Business and Poetry Books

Poetry at Work, by Glynn Young, foreword by Scott Edward Anderson

“This book is elemental.”

—Dave Malone

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  1. L. L. Barkat says:

    I love the little guy behind the Frost book :) And Hannah’s poem is still as wonderful as the first day I read it.

    (And altogether, I love how the logic here builds :)

  2. Donna says:

    CALL THE POET!! I love this!!! Great Infographic! Makes me wish I had a job to go to get something started! Guess I’ll have to be creative about that!

    I always longed for a boss who appreciated my approach to things. One elementary school principal came close when he called me a rare bird (I think he meant it in a good way). I remember another supervisor I had once didn’t like my creative process so much… she told me “they” had been talking… decided I needed to be put in a box” (I wondered if she meant pine). ;)

  3. Dawn Jordan says:

    I practice the oral tradition in poetry every day as I help my massage clients lift and shift the pain in their bodies. Metaphor mediates mind and body. On weekends I write on paper.

    Love your infographics!

  4. Perfection. As usual. Thank you, Lyla.

  5. Marcy Tewilliger says:

    Since my days are no longer at a place of work surrounded by people I get on face-book each day and share a poem with my friends. Some or quotes, things to make them laugh. Mostly I do it for me because writing makes me happy.

  6. David Rupert says:

    That infographic is the bomb! Wow!


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