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L.L. Barkat, Founder & publisher. And, after that, Managing Editor, Tweetspeak Poetry, T. S. Poetry Press, Every Day Poems, WordCandy, Best Love Poetry, and

A while back, I sat outside every day for a year. Not all day. Just the time it took to drink a cup of tea or maybe get rained on. That was the year I learned to love winter best. I have a book on writing and creativity called Rumors of Water (twice named a Best Book of 2011) and a fiction/poetry book The Novelist: a novella. You can find me as a Staff Writer at The Curator, or my website L.L. Barkat. Follow me on Twitter @llbarkat

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Reading Keats squared

LW Lindquist, Director of Many Things, Tweetspeak Poetry, T. S. Poetry Press, Best Love Poetry, and; Senior Editor, Tweetspeak Poetry

I’m a claims adjuster, helping people and insurance companies make sense of loss. Sometimes, when I’m not scaling small buildings or crunching numbers with my bare hands, I read Keats upside down. I design author and business websites at The Willingham Enterprise and occasionally try to figure out which came first at The Chicken Question. You can find me on Twitter at @lwlindquist

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Note to Publishers and Poets: If you would like to have your poetry considered for feature in Every Day Poems or review here at Tweetspeak Poetry, please contact editor[at]tweetspeakpoetry[dot]com about where to send review copies for our perusal.
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Angela Alaimo O'donnell

Angela Alaimo O’Donnell, Contributing Writer, Tweetspeak Poetry

I teach English, Creative Writing, and Literature & Theology at Fordham University in New York City. I’m obsessed with certain things (including Moby Dick, Frank Sinatra, and The Saints). In addition to being a writer and teacher, I’m a mother to three delightful (and surprisingly well-adjusted) twenty-something sons. My most recent book of poems is Saint Sinatra, and I have an upcoming book on Flannery O’Connor’s theological imagination, The Province of Joy (Paraclete Press, 2012). You can visit me at

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Laura Boggess

Laura Boggess, Contributing Writer, Tweetspeak Poetry

I am happiest in a place with no walls. Give me a bed of grass and a blanket-sky and I will dream deep in wonder. But a good story takes me to this place too. And a poem? Even better. I share mine at Or you can find me on twitter @lauraboggess

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Claire Burge

Claire Burge, Photographer, Tweetspeak Poetry

I have been described as part chaos, part rocket fuel. I delight in the unknown and treat life like a playground. I’m fascinated by sensuality, science and strangers. Good writing and heart photography are my soul passions. As for you… let’s get to know each other shall we? @claireburge

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Wm Anthony Connolly

Wm. Anthony Connolly, Columnist, Tweetspeak Poetry

Beneath floorboards and on board transit buses; in the cracks of doorways and behind portraits of priests; in the spines of books and magazines, rolled up pieces of paper… For years I have been a fugitive, keeping one step ahead of those who find my tiny scrolls. I stash the messages randomly and without hope of being found out. On each I leave a little bit of me. My purple-ink-stained hands daily mess journal pages, skitter across the wonky keys on my trusty Underwood and sometimes, when you look very carefully, you can see my mauve ghost prints on books like The Jenny Muck and The Obituaries. Today I am leaving messages in all the unexpected places. Visit me at my website or follow me on Twitter @WmAnthony

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Michelle DeRusha

Michelle DeRusha, Contributing Writer, Tweetspeak Poetry

A Massachusetts native, I moved to Nebraska in 2001, where I discovered the Great Plains and grasshoppers the size of Cornish hens. I’m the author of Spiritual Misfit: A Memoir of Uneasy Faith and 50 Women Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Heroines of the Faith. I write, as well as a monthly column for the Lincoln Journal Star. You can also connect with me on Twitter @MichelleDeRusha

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Sarah Elwell

Sarah Elwell, Contributing Photographer, Every Day Poems and WordCandy

I am a writer from beside an old stony sea, at the edge of the known world. I am, as are we all, light against earth – everything else is just the layering of story. You can visit me at Knitting The Wind. @knittingthewind

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Heather Eure, Special Projects Editor, Tweetspeak Poetry

I am a freelance writer, the Poetry Editor at The Burnside Writers Collective, and a sometime-illustrator. I currently live in northeastern North Carolina with my husband, David (affectionately known as Big Earl), and three sons who know how to keep us laughing. Most days you can find me hanging out at the local coffee house requesting foam art in my macchiato, or scribbling down poetry at The Consolation of Mirth

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Donna Falcone

Donna Falcone, Social Media Associate, Tweetspeak Poetry

I live in Northeast PA with my witty and scientific husband, our two sons, both in college, and our large dog Gruffy who suffers under the delusion that he is a Pomeranian.  My poetry has been featured in, Poetry Nook vol 3, and When Women Waken issue 3. I love my chocolate dark, my coffee light, my tea touched by stevia, and as for wine please make mine Merlot. Tweet me at @brightersideblg or find me at The Brighter Side

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Kimberlee Conway Ireton

Kimberlee Conway Ireton, Contributing Writer, Tweetspeak Poetry

I am the author of The Circle of Seasons: Meeting God in the Church Year and the recently released memoir, Cracking Up: A Postpartum Faith Crisis. A wannabe connoisseur of tea and an avid reader, I live in Seattle with my husband, four kids, two cats, and more books than I can count. Find me at

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Sandra Heska King

Sandra Heska King, Social Media Associate, Tweetspeak Poetry

“Once a nurse, always a nurse,” some say. But these days I care for (and care with) words. I live in Michigan and write from a 150-plus-year-old family farmhouse set on 60 acres surrounded by corn or soybeans or sometimes wheat. I spend way too much money on books, and I find my inner happy when I wander a woodsy trail, sit at a water’s edge, sip a new flavor of tea, or eat M&M’s the proper way—one sweet circle at a time. Find me at my blog or on Twitter

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Ann Kroeker Headshot

Ann Kroeker, Editor, Tweetspeak Poetry

I dream of walking long stretches of shoreline, like Anne Morrow Lindbergh, collecting gifts from the sea. For now, I’m carving out a creative life in the landlocked American Midwest. On this suburban cul-de-sac, I rely on a steady intake of tea and books to set a quiet, reflective mood. A hammock helps. And a fireplace. I’ve written about slowing down in books like Not So Fast and The Contemplative Mom, and on my blog,

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Dolly Lee profile pic

Dolly Lee, Contributing Writer, Tweetspeak Poetry

After hiding in a cocoon as an artist, I am thankful to play with words in the second half of my life. Here are a few of my favorite things (cue Julie Andrews singing): the fresh scent of basil, watching the waves while walking along a beach, and laughing so hard I sound like a sea lion at Pier 39. I blog at Soul Stops and you can connect with me @SoulStops.

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elizabeth marshall bio pic

Elizabeth Marshall, Social Media Associate, Tweetspeak Poetry

I am a curious noticer who lives by the sea as an introverted extrovert. Poetry wakes me up and rocks me to sleep. I love the word “and” and contradictions. I write poetry and prose at Sometimes my poetry flies away and lands at Burnside Writers Collective. I find the South suits me to a sweet tea. On twitter I am  @graceappears. Come visit.

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Tania Runyan

Tania Runyan, Contributing Writer, Tweetspeak Poetry

I live in Lindenhurst, Illinois, a sort-of suburb, sort-of small town, where the deer and the minivans play. I’m a 2011 NEA fellow and mama to three poetry books—A Thousand Vessels, Simple Weight, and Delicious Air—and three (much cuter and noisier) human children. When not writing or spending time with the family, I tutor high school students, play Celtic fiddle and mandolin, and get gloriously muddy in the garden. Visit me at

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Kelly Sauer Profile

Kelly Sauer, Contributing Photographer, Tweetspeak Poetry and Every Day Poems

I’m a work-at-home-mom who launched a wedding photography business in 2010. A poet-photographer and incurable restless heart, I make fine art out of real life as I focus on authentic relationships and transparent branding. @kellysauer

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Karen Prior Swallow

Karen Swallow Prior, Contributing Writer, Tweetspeak Poetry

I live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains where I love to run. When I’m not running or reading or writing, I get to talk about the books I love at Liberty University where I also happen to chair the department of English and Modern Languages. I write regularly for Her.meneutics, the women’s blog at Christianity Today. You can follow me on Twitter @LoveLifeLitGod

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Monica Sharman

Monica Sharman, Editor, Every Day Poems

I once was an engineer, but while raising and educating three sons, I became enamored with poetry, children’s literature, editing, drumming, and hula (though I still admit to the title of “nerd”). I grunt when I hit a tennis ball (my college teammates called me “Big Guns”), and my favorite stroke is the serve. I blog occasionally at and tweet, too @monicasharman

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charity singleton craig

Charity Singleton Craig, Contributing Writer, Tweetspeak Poetry

I am a writer, bringing words to life through essays, stories, blog posts, and books. I have contributed essays to three books, including Letters to Me: Conversations with a Younger Self, and have been published at various venues, including The Curator, where I am a staff writer. I also am a content editor at The High Calling and co-led Tweetspeak Poetry’s “The Writing Life” workshop with Ann Kroeker. You can find me online at, on Twitter @charityscrag, and on Facebook

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Dave Wheeler

David K. Wheeler, Consulting Editor, T. S. Poetry Press

I’m the author of Contingency Plans: Poems and the independently produced album There There. You can occasionally find me at The High Calling, Burnside Writers Collective, and The Morning News. Somebody thought it would be good to have my writing in The Pacific Northwest Reader, an essay collection from Harper/Delphinium, and so it is. Visit me at Dave Writes Right or follow me on Twitter at @daviewheeler

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Glynn Young

Glynn Young, Editor and Twitter-Party-Cool-Poem-Weaver, Tweetspeak Poetry

I live in St. Louis where I’m the team lead for Online Strategy & Communications for a Fortune 500 company. I write poetry, short stories and fiction, and I love to bike. You can find me at The High Calling as a Contributing Editor and at my blog Faith, Fiction, Friends or follow me on Twitter @gyoung9751

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We also need to thank Eric Swalberg and Bradley J. Moore, for being so fun and bantering on Twitter. That led to our very first Twitter poetry party, which led to this site, which led to an award-winning small press, which led to a Daily called Every Day Poems. And Rod Karmenzind, who graciously lent his art (the header) right from the beginning, not knowing it would someday go this far.

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Guest Writers Who’ve Appeared at Tweetspeak

headshot vicki addesso

Vicki Addesso

As personal assistant to a toy inventor who is also the creator/director of a children’s environmental education program I may be shopping for supplies to build prototypes one minute, doing research or scheduling programs the next, and planting seedlings with girl scouts later that afternoon. In between my job, and life with my husband and sons, I work at writing. Co-author of the collaborative memoir Still Here Thinking of You~A Second Chance With Our Mothers (Big Table Publishing, 2013), I have been published in The Writer, Damselfly Press, and Stories From the Kids. You can follow me on Twitter @VickiAddesso and tumblr

• • •

Richard Berlin

Richard Berlin

I’m a physician, psychiatrist, medical school faculty member and poet with a full time practice in a small town in the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts. Living in the Berkshires also allows me to garden, kayak, X country ski, and spend time on my mountain bike as well as the Tanglewood Lawn. I’ve published two chapbooks and two full-length poetry collections, most recently Secret Wounds, which won the 2010 John Ciardi Award in Poetry, and was selected by USA Book New Awards as the best general poetry book published in 2011. Feel free to visit me at

• • •

Todd Davis Author Photo for In the Kingdom of the Ditch

Todd Davis

I never dreamed I’d write poems when I was reading comic books and working at my dad’s animal hospital as a teenager. After discovering the poems of Maxine Kumin and Galway Kinnell in a college English class, I was sold on the idea. Now the author of four full-length collections, I’ve been honored to be featured by Garrison Keillor on The Writer’s Almanac and Ted Kooser in American Life in Poetry. I also teach creative writing and environmental studies at Penn State University’s Altoona College. Feel free to visit my page

• • •

Maureen Doallas

Maureen Doallas

If you’ve ever had to edit government documents you know why I gave up my “Editor” shingle to write poetry in 140 characters. And while I’m officially retired and older than just about everybody else here, don’t call me retiring, especially while I’m reading Neruda’s Memoirs in public. When I can’t get “Jack” and “MacDuff” out for their walks, I like to spend my time breathing in art and Writing Without Paper and wondering how to sell my flock of peacocks and still-blooming garden of orchids at Transformational Threads. Follow me on Twitter @Doallas

• • •

John Estes

John Estes

I’m Director of Creative Writing at Malone University, a small school in the Quaker tradition located in Canton, Ohio. If you live outside Northeast Ohio you most likely have never heard of the place (and if you know anything of Canton at all it’s probably something do with the NFL Hall of Fame). I’m also the author of Kingdom Come, as well as two chapbooks. You can find out more about my work and read my occasional blog at

• • •

Dave Harrity

Dave Harrity

I’m a teacher living in Kentucky, with a book due out this fall—Making Manifest: Toward Sacred Collisions of Faith and Art. I’m also the author of the chapbook Morning and What Has Come Since, which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, a Kentucky Literary Award, and the Conference on Christianity and Literature’s Book-of-the-Year Citation in 2007. As the founder of Antler—a teaching and resource initiative—I invite you stop by and visit us or follow me on Twitter @DaveHarrity

• • •

seth-and-amber haines

Seth Haines

I first fell in love with words when I overheard the captain of the high school cheerleading team offer “effervescent” as a Mad Libs adjective. I was eight. My crush on the cheerleader was fleeting. My love for words was not. My working hours are spent rendering legal services to the good people of Fayetteville, Arkansas. From time to time, I can also be found casting a fly line in the Arkansas tail waters. Connect with me on twitter at @sethhaines

• • •


Joel Jacobson

I live in Colorado with my beautiful wife, two busy little boys, and Haiku the Wonder Lab. My days are rounded out with teaching high school English and creative writing, blogging about faith and art, and writing poetry. As if that’s not enough, I am an avid fan of baseball and football. You can follow me on Twitter @jejpoet

• • •

julia kasdorf square headshot

Julia Spicher Kasdorf

I’m an associate professor of English and women’s studies at the Pennsylvania State University and teach in the MFA program in creative writing. I have two collections of poetry with the University of Pittsburgh Press, and a third, Poetry in America, debuted this fall. Eve’s Striptease was named one of Library Journal‘s Top 20 Best Poetry Books of 1998, and Sleeping Preacher won the Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize and the Great Lakes College’s Association Award for New Writing. You can visit me at my website

• • •

Paula J Lambert

Paula J Lambert

I was born and raised in a New England mill town and lived much of my life in the Deep South; I am, therefore, sensitive to the nuances of autumn and easily wooed by 12-bar blues. I now live in Columbus, Ohio, which just might be the poetry capital of the world. It took nearly forty-five years to find my tribe, but here we all are, in a city that has featured-poet and open-mic shows nearly every night of the week. I also do mixed-media collage art and co-host one of those poetry shows. Visit my website Full Crescent. Or follow me on Twitter @pjlambert_poet

• • •


Dave Malone

I’m living a thousand lives in one (so please don’t tell me differently)—a couple of those are poet, playwright, and fiction writer. I call the southern Missouri (Missourah down here) Ozarks home. The title for my e-newsletter, If I Had a Nickel, is rooted in a phrase from my Ozark grandfather. I write about romance, sensuality, and nature. You can find what I’m up to via my website or Twitter.

• • •

Kathryn Neel

Kathryn Neel

Mad Scientist by day. Mad Poet by night. Environmental Surfer and Gadgeteer in between. I was nominated for the Pushcart by Naugatuck River Review, Winter 2010. I live near the quaint artist colony beach town of New Smyrna Beach, FL. Visit me on Twitter @KathrynLNeel

• • •

Darrelyn Saloom

Darrelyn Saloom

Although I co-wrote a boxing memoir with former champion Deirdre Gogarty (My Call to the Ring: A Memoir of A Girl Who Yearns to Box), my pugilistic passion is confined to a keyboard. I’ve also been published at the Virginia Quarterly Review, and I spend most of my time on a farm south of I-10 in Louisiana with my husband, various critters, and thoroughbred racehorses. Feel free to drop by my website or visit me on Twitter

• • •

barbara author pic


I live with my family in a tiny village in Galicia, in northwest Spain. I paint, teach and write. Follow me on Twitter at @chicaderock or stop by my website

• • •

Megan Willome

Megan Willome

As long as I have tea, I can write. Mostly I write for the WACOAN magazine, a monthly lifestyle publication, where I also serve as managing editor. I read a poem a day and occasionally write one over at my blog, Twitter is made for people like me, @meganwillome

• • •

Bradley Moore

Jim Wood

I’m a full-time executive who likes to write about the joys and challenges of connecting business life with spiritual life. You can find me at Shrinking the Camel or follow me on Twitter at @shrinkingcamel

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