Rumors of water

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Top 10 Reasons to Re-Read ‘Rumors of Water’

6 Comments 16 April 2015

What's your favorite writing book? LW Lindquist says it's time to re-read Rumors of Water and has 10 great quotes to tell you why.

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Tragedy and Comedy Why We Love Them Carved Wood Ruins Image

Blog, Literary Analysis, writer's group resources, Writing Tips

Tragedy and Comedy: Why We Love Them, What’s the Point

4 Comments 10 April 2015

Why read tragedy or comedy—or bother to write either one? Psychology and neurology suggest they can change our lives, make us more empathetic, and help us cope.

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Red Riding Hood Choosing Point of View

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How to Write a Story: Choosing Point of View

7 Comments 06 March 2015

How do you go about choosing point of view? Get the ins and outs of choosing first, second, or third, as well as omniscient or limited narrator.

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Word Tools Journal

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Poets & Writers Toolkit: 5 Invaluable Word Tools

13 Comments 25 February 2015

Stuck on a word? There is hope for your writing project with the perfect dictionary to fit your precise need. Sara Barkat has 5 word tools for poets.

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Congrats Makes You Mom Day Lily

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Congratulations and Writing Opportunity: Makes You Mom

10 Comments 26 January 2015

A new website that could be a writing opportunity. You have a mom, right? There might be something you could write at Makes You Mom.

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On Being a Writer Workshop

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On Being a Writer Workshop

32 Comments 12 January 2015

A writing workshop that will help you develop a satisfying, lasting writing life. Learn from two great editors who've developed successful long-term careers.

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On Being a Writer by Kroeker and Craig

Books, On Being a Writer, writer's group resources

Top 10 Quotes from ‘On Being a Writer’!

15 Comments 30 October 2014

Ten great quotes from the new (surprise!) release from T.S. Poetry Press: "On Being a Writer by Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig.

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how to write a spiritual memoir

Blog, Memoir Notebook, writer's group resources

Memoir Notebook: Voices (or, How to Write Spiritual Memoir)

5 Comments 10 October 2014

Heed the voices, says Wm. Anthony Connolly, for they are the memoirist’s own rising from the soul.

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Moleskin Notebook and Coffee Writing

Become a Better Writer, Blog, English Teaching Resources, writer's group resources, Writing Tips

Revamping The Raven—and Other Writing Mischief

23 Comments 08 May 2014

What does it mean to have a well-rounded writing approach? It might require a dog, a cup of tea, and Poe's "The Raven."

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How to Write a Poem Sundial

Bird Poems, Blog, English Teaching Resources, How to Write a Poem, Mischief Café Ideas, Nature Poems, Poem Stacks, poetry teaching resources, writer's group resources

How to Write a Poem: Jealous Poem Stacks

45 Comments 01 May 2014

English Teaching Resources: Poem stacks are good for starting something. Good for jealous days.

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wislawa szymborska vocabulary

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National Poetry Month Poetry Dare: Wisława Szymborska’s “Vocabulary”

37 Comments 02 April 2014

Join us for Week #1 of our National Poetry Month Poetry Dare. We're looking at "Vocabulary" and "An Effort" by Wisława Szymborska. What did you read?

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book white by Claire Burge

Blog, Fiction, Finding Inspiration, Workshops, writer's group resources

Fiction Workshop: The Art of Storytelling

5 Comments 31 March 2014

A fiction workshop you won't forget, with leader Gloria Kempton. Kempton has worked with over 10,000 writers to get them to the next level!

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How to Read a Poem Sunglasses

Blog, Books, English Teaching Resources, poetry teaching resources, writer's group resources

How to Read a Poem: The Book

7 Comments 20 February 2014

For the reader new to poetry, Runyan's guide will open your senses to the combined craft and magic known as "poems". For the well versed, if you will, the book might make you fall in love again.

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Creativity, Poets and Writers Toolkit, writer's group resources

Poets and Writers Toolkit: Big Idea Creativity

5 Comments 02 December 2013

Our creativity book is filled with stories, illustrations, and activities. And helpful organizing principles like How to Break Down a Large Creative Idea.

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