Beat Poets Denise Levertov

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September Beats: Denise Levertov

6 Comments 23 September 2014

Poet Denise Levertov is associated with the Beat Poets, but she transcended the Beats to write about war, environment, faith, and the whole realm of life.

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Beat Poets Allen Ginsberg Tweetspeak Poetry

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September Beats: Allen Ginsberg

7 Comments 16 September 2014

Allen Ginsberg started with the Beat Generation and became known for the obscenity trial over his "Howl and Other Poems" and a devotion to protest.

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Tweetspeak Poets and Poems Beat Poets Kerouac

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September Beats: Jack Kerouac

15 Comments 09 September 2014

Jack Kerouac gave the name to the Beat Generation of writers and poets. In the more than 50 years after his death, he's become an American legend.

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Tweetspeak Poets and Poems Beat Poets Introduction

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September Beat: The Beat Poets

5 Comments 02 September 2014

The Beat poets - Kerouac, Ginsberg, O'Hara, others - were unconventional in their writing and lives, and had a major impact on American culture.

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Edgar Allan Poe

book reviews, Classic Poetry, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews

Poets and Poems: Meeting Edgar Allan Poe

2 Comments 26 August 2014

A new short biography of Edgar Allan Poe serves as an excellent introduction to an American literary icon.

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Poets and Poems Luci Shaw "Scape"

Nature Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets, Spiritual Poems

Poets and Poems: Luci Shaw and “Scape”

11 Comments 19 August 2014

Written with a perceptive and understanding eye, the poetry collection "Scape" by Luci Shaw is about the beauty of creation and the creative act.

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Poets and Poems: Alexander Blok and “The Stranger”

book reviews, Classic Poetry, love poems, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets, Russian Poets

Poets and Poems: Alexander Blok and “The Stranger”

3 Comments 12 August 2014

In his lifetime, Alexander Blok was considered one of the finest of all Russian poets. He still carries that accolade today.

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Gone Fishing PhotoPlay

Blog, Fishing Poems, Photo Play, Photography prompts, Poems, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Gone Fishing: PhotoPlay and Prompt

45 Comments 11 August 2014

Some days, fishing is a discipline of quiet contemplation. Come on over and unwind. Tell others you've Gone Fishing and join us for a little PhotoPlay.

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Emily Bronte Tweetspeak Poetry

book reviews, Classic Poetry, English Teaching, love poetry, Nature Poems, Poems, poetry reviews, Poets

Laura Inman and “The Poetic World of Emily Brontë”

7 Comments 05 August 2014

"The Poetic World of Emily Brontë" by Laura Inman is a wonderful way to be introduced to her poetry, seen through the lens of her novel "Wuthering Heights"

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Gone Fishing

Blog, Fishing Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Water Poems, writing prompts

Gone Fishing: Poetry Prompt and Playlist

23 Comments 04 August 2014

We've got a roundup of the [mostly] happy songs in our new Playlist. Catch a listen, put up the "Gone Fishing" sign and cast a line or two of poetry with us.

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Boris Pasternak "February" Tweetspeak Poetry

Classic Poetry, Humanity Poems, love poetry, Poems, poetry and business, Poets, Russian Poets

Poets and Poems: Boris Pasternak and “February”

6 Comments 29 July 2014

"February: Poems" by Boris Pasternak reflect the poet (and novelist's) experience of living in a Russia marked by war, revolution, civil war, and oppressive communism.

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laundry poems

Blog, Laundry Poems, Poems, poetry

Top 10 Laundry Poems (and a Giveaway)

44 Comments 24 July 2014

Take a break from your laundry hanging, or ironing, or presoaking, and enjoy this neatly folded basket of laundry poems, plus a giveaway of Scratch Magazine.

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The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers: Poets and Poems at Tweetspeak Poetry

book reviews, Nature Poems, Poems, poetry and business, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: Robinson Jeffers and “Selected Poetry”

1 Comment 22 July 2014

Robinson Jeffers (1887-1962) was a significant poet in the 1920s and 1930s, and then forgotten until rediscovered by the environmental movement.

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Portrait of a Shell

Blog, Photo Play, Photography prompts, Poems, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Sea Poems, Shell Poems, Themed Writing Projects, writing prompts

PhotoPlay 2: Portrait of a Shell, Sand, and the Sea Poetry Prompt

24 Comments 21 July 2014

We are dipping our toes in the ocean at here at Tweetspeak Poetry. Join us for PhotoPlay 2. Look closely. You might just find a poem tucked inside a shell.

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Tweetspeak Poetry the Poetry of World War I

Grief Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets, war poems

The Poetry of World War I

10 Comments 15 July 2014

Tim Kendall's anthology "Poetry of the First World War" explains how poetry came to be so connected with "the war to end all wars."

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Russian Poetry Pigeons in Park

love poems, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets, Russian Poets

Poets and Poems: Marina Tsvetaeva and “My Poems”

7 Comments 08 July 2014

Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva (1892-1941) used love as a compass in her poetry, in the face of monumental tragedies she experienced in her country.

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independence poems

Independence Poems, Poems, Red Poems

Top Ten Independence Poems

5 Comments 03 July 2014

All of us want a little independence; some of us want a lot. Which is to say that independence isn't only a political thing. Celebrate (or keep reaching) with these 10 great independence poems.

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Wendell Berry Tweetspeak Poetry Poets and Poems

book reviews, Humanity Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets, Sabbath Poems

Poets and Poems: Wendell Berry and “This Day”

10 Comments 01 July 2014

"This Day," Wendell Berry's new collected Sabbath poems, remind us of the wholeness, consistency and beauty of his literary writing.

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summer poems

Poems, poetry, shakespeare poems, Summer Poems

Top Ten Summer Poems

12 Comments 26 June 2014

To help you stretch out these summer days as long as possible, we've gathered up a great collection of summer poems, from dandelions to love on the beach to patio umbrellas and everything in between (including the mosquitoes).

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Take Your Poet to Work W.B. Yeats

love poems, love poetry, Poems, Poets, Take Your Poet to Work Day, W. B. Yeats

Take Your Poet to Work: W. B. Yeats

4 Comments 25 June 2014

Have you chosen your favorite poet for Take Your Poet to Work Day? W. B. Yeats joins our growing collection of ready-for-work poets today.

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