Poets and Poems: Charles Wright’s “Caribou”

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Poets and Poems: “Caribou” by Charles Wright

8 Comments 15 April 2014

"Caribou," the new collection of poems by Charles Wright, is about memory, what has passed, and what is gone, and the realizations that come only with age.

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Faulkner House Literary Tour

Books, Fiction, Literary Tour, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews

Literary Tour: Faulkner House Books, New Orleans

9 Comments 08 April 2014

Faulkner House Books is a literary landmark in New Orleans - the place where William Faulkner wrote stories, poems and the novel "Soldier's Pay."

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Red flower love etc poems

book reviews, Books, L.L. Barkat, love poems, love poetry, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews

Poets and Poems: L.L. Barkat’s “Love, Etc.”

1 Comment 01 April 2014

Love Etc. reminds us what eternity is, and what part of it is contained within ourselves.

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Poets and Poems: Brian Gardner’s “Up the Line to Death: The War Poets 1914-1918”

book reviews, Books, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews

Poets and Poems: Brian Gardner’s “Up the Line to Death: The War Poets 1914-1918”

1 Comment 25 March 2014

Brian Gardner's "Up the Line to Death" preserves many great poets and poems of World War I.

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ode to pet peeve

Blog, Ode Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry humor, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Ode Poetry: To a Pet Peeve

40 Comments 24 March 2014

Let's celebrate the little things that drive us batty! Join us for this week's poetry prompt— Ode poetry: to a Pet Peeve.

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Poets and Poems Nicholas Samaras

book reviews, Books, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets, Spiritual Poems

Poets and Poems: Nicholas Samaras’ “American Psalm World Psalm”

6 Comments 18 March 2014

Poets and Poems considers a new collection of 150 poems by Nicholas Samaras, each in the form of a psalm. "American Psalm, World Psalm" speaks to the heart.

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Eating & Drinking Poems: Rumi Any Soul that Drank the Nectar

Blog, Bottled & Canned, Eating and Drinking Poems, Fairytales, Family Poems, Poems, Poets, Rumi Poems, Short Poems

Eating and Drinking Poems: Rumi’s ‘Any Soul That Drank the Nectar’

9 Comments 13 March 2014

In the latest Eating and Drinking Poems post, Megan D. Willome shares her Christmas tradition of eating enchiladas and drinking Topo Chico mineral water.

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Tweetspeak Poetry Poets and Poems Robert Penn Warren

article, Blog, book reviews, Books, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, used bookstore

Poets and Poems: “Selected Poems 1923-1975” by Robert Penn Warren

2 Comments 11 March 2014

Poets and Poems features "Selected Poems 1923-1975," which reflects the poetic maturity of Robert Penn Warren's work of than 60 years.

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Best Poem a Day Poetry Daily Umbrellas

Blog, color poems, Every Day Poems, Poems, Poems about poetry, poems every day, poetry, Sestina

Choose the Poem of the Month

No Comments 10 March 2014

Looking for the best poem? It might be a matter of the heart. Help us choose the poem of the month!

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ode to a frog

Animal Poems, Blog, love poems, love poetry, Nature Poems, Ode Poems, Poems, poetry

Ode to the Ode

15 Comments 07 March 2014

Whether its in praise of a stapler, an old t-shirt or a frog, Marjorie Maddox tells us we need the "cadence of praise." We need the Ode.

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Poetry of walking, houses

Blog, Grief Poems, Poems, poetry, Poets, Writing in Place

The Poetry of Walking, History and Houses

4 Comments 04 March 2014

A stroll, even in familiar neighborhoods, can prompt reflection, imagination, discovery, and insight. Perhaps it could be called the poetry of walking.

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mary oliver mango

Blog, Eating and Drinking Poems, Family Poems, Food Poems, Poems, poetry, Poets, Recipes

Eating and Drinking Poems: Mary Oliver’s “The Mango”

21 Comments 27 February 2014

In her latest Eating and Drinking Poems post, Monica Sharman discusses her nostalgia for the mango and shares a recipe for mango mousse.

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Scott Cairns "Idiot Poems"

book reviews, Poems, poetry reviews, Spiritual Poems

Poets and Poems: Scott Cairns’ “Idiot Psalms”

4 Comments 25 February 2014

Poets and Poems: Scott Cairns's "Idiot Psalms" demonstrates his skill as one of the most accomplished poets writing about the human heart today.

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Ice poems ice poetry

Attentiveness Poems, Blog, Dream Poems, Nature Poems, Poems, poetry, Poetry Classroom, poetry teaching resources

Poetry Classroom: Thoreau Considers a Stone

10 Comments 24 February 2014

Welcome to this month's poetry classroom. Up today, "Thoreau considers a stone."

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