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Wallace Stevens and Walking the Landscape

6 Comments 17 December 2014

Landscape has been an inspiration to poets, including Wallace Stevens, who comes along for a hike near St. Louis to help find the poetry of the landscape.

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Poetry for Life: “Wasted Beauty” at Tavern of Fine Arts

5 Comments 09 December 2014

We found poetry in our own community, both formal and informal, historical and contemporary. And we found it at the Tavern of Fine Arts.

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The Fierce Convictions of Hannah More

9 Comments 25 November 2014

"She may be the most famous person I never heard of." Karen Swallow Prior's biography of Hannah More, "Fierce Convictions," brings a life back into the knowledge it deserves.

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An Evening with Billy Collins

18 Comments 18 November 2014

Poet Billy Collins read from his new volume, "Aimless Love," in St. Louis County, Missouri on Nov. 1; more than 800 people came for an intimate evening.

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The World War I Poets in the War

No Comments 11 November 2014

Max Egremont's "Some Desperate Glory" combines history, biography and poetry to describe the World War I that the war poets experienced.

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TSP Dover lighthouse

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Poets and Poems: Siegfried Sassoon and “The War Poems”

5 Comments 04 November 2014

Poet Siegfried Sassoon survived World War I and went on to a successful literary career, but he is best remembered for "the War Poems."

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The Poems the Soldiers Read in World War I

7 Comments 28 October 2014

World War I was a conflict made for poetry, and it made a lot of it. But what did the soldiers themselves read?

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Poppy Single Susan Etole

article, Hope Poems, Poems, poetry, Poets, war poems

The Most Famous Poem of World War I

6 Comments 21 October 2014

The most famous poem of World War I, "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae, lives on today as the genesis of the Memorial Poppy.

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Fall Leaf Book of Goodbyes

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Poets and Poems: Jillian Weise and “The Book of Goodbyes”

1 Comment 14 October 2014

"The Book of Goodbyes" by Jillian Weise is a collection of poems that are sometimes raw, sometimes searing, but always arresting and always honest.

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Poets and Poems: Aaron Belz and “Glitter Bomb”

6 Comments 07 October 2014

Aaron Belz, often associated with the New York School, has a new collection of poems, "Glitter Bomb." And it is a fun collection to read.

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top question poems

Blog, Poems, poetry, Question Poems

Top Ten Question Poems

5 Comments 02 October 2014

There's something comforting about definitive answers and hard data. But what if we allowed ourselves the space that questions offer? Here are 10 question poems that try to answer that. Or not.

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Frank O'Hara

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September Beats: Frank O’Hara

3 Comments 30 September 2014

Poet Frank O'Hara bridged the Beat poets and contemporary poetry, taking poetry from academia and even the coffeehouses to the streets.

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Beat Poets Denise Levertov

article, Beat Poets, Nature Poems, Poems, poetry, Poets

September Beats: Denise Levertov

12 Comments 23 September 2014

Poet Denise Levertov is associated with the Beat Poets, but she transcended the Beats to write about war, environment, faith, and the whole realm of life.

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Beat Poets Allen Ginsberg Tweetspeak Poetry

article, Beat Poets, Poems, poetry, Poets

September Beats: Allen Ginsberg

9 Comments 16 September 2014

Allen Ginsberg started with the Beat Generation and became known for the obscenity trial over his "Howl and Other Poems" and a devotion to protest.

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Tweetspeak Poets and Poems Beat Poets Kerouac

Beat Poets, Poems, poetry, Poets

September Beats: Jack Kerouac

15 Comments 09 September 2014

Jack Kerouac gave the name to the Beat Generation of writers and poets. In the more than 50 years after his death, he's become an American legend.

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Tweetspeak Poets and Poems Beat Poets Introduction

article, Beat Poets, Poems, Poems about poetry, poems about writing, poetry, Poets

September Beat: The Beat Poets

6 Comments 02 September 2014

The Beat poets - Kerouac, Ginsberg, O'Hara, others - were unconventional in their writing and lives, and had a major impact on American culture.

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Edgar Allan Poe

book reviews, Classic Poetry, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews

Poets and Poems: Meeting Edgar Allan Poe

3 Comments 26 August 2014

A new short biography of Edgar Allan Poe serves as an excellent introduction to an American literary icon.

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Poets and Poems Luci Shaw "Scape"

Nature Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets, Spiritual Poems

Poets and Poems: Luci Shaw and “Scape”

11 Comments 19 August 2014

Written with a perceptive and understanding eye, the poetry collection "Scape" by Luci Shaw is about the beauty of creation and the creative act.

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Poets and Poems: Alexander Blok and “The Stranger”

book reviews, Classic Poetry, love poems, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets, Russian Poets

Poets and Poems: Alexander Blok and “The Stranger”

3 Comments 12 August 2014

In his lifetime, Alexander Blok was considered one of the finest of all Russian poets. He still carries that accolade today.

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Gone Fishing PhotoPlay

Blog, Fishing Poems, Photo Play, Photography prompts, Poems, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Gone Fishing: PhotoPlay and Prompt

45 Comments 11 August 2014

Some days, fishing is a discipline of quiet contemplation. Come on over and unwind. Tell others you've Gone Fishing and join us for a little PhotoPlay.

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