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How to Write a Pantoum Infographic: Pantoum of the Opera

15 Comments 27 March 2013

Writing a pantoum doesn't have to be like being dragged to the catacombs. Just follow Erik and Christine's helpful pantoum infographic and you'll be out of the dungeon in no time.

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Blog, Pantoum, poetry, Themed Writing Projects, writing prompts

The Collaborative Pantoum (A Writing Prompt)

30 Comments 25 March 2013

The pantoum is a metaphor, an artistic expression of cooperation, and the perfect poetic medium for artistic collaboration. Seth Haines invites you to join with other poets in a collaborative pantoum in the comments.

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Blog, Pantoum, Themed Writing Projects, writing prompts

Freedom In Structure: The Pantoum (A Writing Prompt)

23 Comments 18 March 2013

Poetic forms can bring an explorative freedom to the poet. Seth Haines explores the pantoum form, and offers a writing prompt.

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Personal Pantoum Fest (A Poetry Prompt)

12 Comments 11 March 2013

Seth Haines tried his hand at this month's theme. Writing a pantoum was an exercise in discipline, sticking to the strictures of a poetry form. And like it or not, the poetic form assisted in maintaining and conveying the chaotic sense of the story.

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Pantoum Sea Urchins by Pink Sherbet Photography

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5 Great Ways for How to Write a Pantoum

15 Comments 04 March 2013

Here are five great ways to write a pantoum. You weren't looking for anything but great ways, right?

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pantoum goat poetry prompt

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Pant, Pant, “Ou-ou-oum” (A Goat Song Pantoum Poetry Prompt)

16 Comments 04 March 2013

One Direction and Bon Jovi are all over the new goat song craze. We kick off our March Pantoum poetry theme with a playlist for the goat pantoum.

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