A Winner for the Emily Dickinson Giveaway

Last week, we reviewed I Told My Soul to Sing: Finding God with Emily Dickinson, published by Paraclete Press. And we offered a giveaway of a copy of the book.

The winner of the giveaway was selected strictly by random. We had a total of 29 comments (one comment was left on another Tweetspeak post). So I dutifully numbered small slips of paper 1 to 29, mixed them all up in a paper bag, shook it two or three times to make sure they were distributed—and pulled out number 7.

And the seventh comment on the post was by Linda Chontos, blogging at Linda’s Patchwork Quilt. Linda, if you will send me (gyoung9751@aol.com) a mailing address, I will zip the copy of I Told My Soul to Sing off in the mail right away.

Congratulations, Linda—and thanks to all who left a comment. Emily, dressed in white, would be pleased—but she wouldn’t come from behind the door to say thank you in person. As the good townspeople of Amherst often said, she was “eccentric.”

Photograph by Gabriela Camerotti. Sourced via FlickrPost by Glynn Young, author of the novels Dancing Priest and the recently published A Light Shining.


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    Glynn, the actress we met at the Dickinson homestead in Amherst this fall told us that while Dickinson was all the recluse she was known to be, she also had a social side, and was known to do thinks like lower baskets of baked goods out the window to children who came by.

    Perhaps she would wear the white dress and lower the book out to Linda, even if she wouldn’t invite her in. :)

  2. says

    I’ve sent you my address, but wanted to slip in here and say thank you again. I am so delighted. I’ve been reading her poetry lately and know I will enjoy this book.
    I promise to let you know how I like it!

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