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Red Whistles at the Wolf


Chrysler Imperial

It’s interesting how the brain makes connections.

We’ve been celebrating the color red here this month at Tweetspeak, so red has been a bit on my mind. Valentine’s Day has something to do with the color red, not to mention that February is National Heart Month in the United States.

Last Friday, my wife and I went to see a movie. It was chilly, she pulled the hood of her coat up, and my brain went head, hood, red, cape, and it was on to grandmother’s house we go.

Then I took a walk Saturday morning, a two-mile roundtrip from our house to the center of our St. Louis suburb of Kirkwood. And head-hood-cape-red kept playing in my mind. All it took was a red convertible (with the top up; it is February, after all) to drive by, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Red Whistles at the Wolf

Red, Red’s riding in the hood
scarf on her head
lady looking good

Red, Red’s driving in the hood
convertible blush
lady’s in a rush

Lipsticked red
sunglasses red
tight dress red
retro retro red red red

Red, Red’s cruising in the hood
white hubcapped wheels
bringing those meals

Red, Red’s speeding in the hood
in her redfinned missle
gives the wolf a whistle

Red, Red’s roaring in the hood
wolf takes a jump
becomes a speed bump

Red, Red’s slowing in the hood
wolf’s now dead
don’t mess with Red

Photograph: 1960 Red Chrysler Imperial Convertible (The Imperial Club). This is similar to the car Red was driving when she whistled at the wolf. Post by Glynn Young, author of Dancing Priest: A Novel


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11 Comments so far

  1. What a fun take on red and the classic fairy tale!

  2. L. L. Barkat says:

    Love these lines especially…

    “Lipsticked red
    sunglasses red
    tight dress red
    retro retro red red red”

    Great to hear such red words from such a quiet, unassuming guy ;-)

  3. This is grand, especially the speed bump bit.

    Excited to see what comes about from your next walk to town.


  4. davis says:

    totally enjoyed this ride…

  5. I love Red getting the wolf. That is the way I always wanted the story to end.

    Great rhythm to this poem, Glynn.

  6. LOVE this! Are you a closet rapper by any chance? Watch out for that Red, yes, indeed. She’ll get that wolf every time.

  7. linda corrales says:


  8. Jerry says:

    A red cadence. This is good. I love how you gathered the words together. Your muse follows you every where eh?

  9. sheri palmer says:

    I like this one:) Don`t mess with the red “HOOD”!!!!! That`s true:)

  10. So fun! Thanks for sharing this. I love the image of “her redfinned missile” and that in-your-face whistle. Red rocks.


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