National Poetry Month: Caroline Dellosso

Caroline Dellosso may be the youngest poet you’ve never heard of, but you will hear of her one day. She’s eight years old, and she’s started to write poetry. Her dad, author Mike Dellosso, decided to post a couple of her poems on his web site, and we were so impressed with what a good poet she already is that we decided to feature her here for National Poetry Month. Caroline lives with her family in Pennsylvania.

We have two poems by Caroline Dellosso.

                    Me In the Mirror
              My reflection in the mirror
                     Told me one day.
                           “I’ll see you.”
                          And he did.
              One day I walked past him
                      And we both said,
             “Wait, where is my mom?”
                      And finally I said,
         “Oh, she went to the bathroom,
         Lets’ talk about something else.”
                     And he said, “OK.”
        I said, “Let’s talk about you doing
               Everything I do and say.”
                                                                               “No way!”
                                                                            Sigh, oh well.

           Ants in My Pants
       I have ants in my pants,
                  I really do.
    They’re always laying eggs.
         They run in my pants
        And it tickles, because
       I have ants in my pants!
    And the ants aren’t moving
            to different pants.
        My mom doesn’t believe
         I have ants in my pants.
I said, “I never changed my pants,
                                                    That’s why
                                           I have ants in my pants!”


  1. Susan Snodgrass says

    Your poems are just wonderful! You are a very talented young lady and I hope this is only the beginning for you.
    Susan Snodgrass

  2. ben says

    Great stuff, are you sure she is only eight?? :) Writing must run in the family, her Dad is pretty good himself.

  3. Aunt Beth says

    Wow! Loved, LOVED, “Me in the Mirror”. Thanks for sharing with all of us, and letting Dad post your poetry.


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