Why Poetry Matters 11 &12

A bit of prose and a poem: here are contributions No. 11 and No. 12 on “Why Poetry Matters” that were submitted for the poetry and wine giveaway last month. The randomly chosen commenter received a copy of L.L. Barkat’s InsideOut: Poems, and the winner of the 100-word statements on what poetry matters received a copy of the poems and a bottle of Sineann wine.

From Anne Lang Bundy at Building His Body:

Why Poetry Matters

Ernest Hemingway said, “Prose is architecture, not interior decoration.”

But I contend that when poetry is captured in prose, they dance; they become what neither is alone, like a couple who’ve long yearned to be together and discover in their union something new and beautiful.

And from Laura Boggess at The Wellspring:

Why Poetry Matters

the earth shakes
mountains fall
people die
and tears collect
like oceans.

hearts need
to link together;
strings of words
interlocking souls.

in looking
for words
we sometimes
what truly matters–

it keeps us
looking out
looking in
looking up.

this fallen world
needs beauty.

is why
poetry matters.


  1. says

    It was right after the earthquake in Haiti, and I was still reeling–still am. It amazes me how, in times of tragedy, beauty becomes an anchor. Poetry anchors me. And I’m only just beginning to discover it’s grace.

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