Why Poetry Matters 6

Here’s contribution #6 on “Why Poetry Matters” that was submitted for the poetry and wine giveaway last month. The randomly chosen commenter received a copy of L.L. Barkat’s InsideOut: Poems, and the winner of the 100-word statements on what poetry matters received a copy of the poems and a bottle of Sineann wine.

This is from Monica at Know-Love-Obey God.

When Poetry Speaks

When poetry speaks (whether I am writing or reading) . . .

. . . colors are brighter, my vision is clearer, and I hear sounds I would not have heard.

. . . I read the Bible more carefully, more thoughtfully.

. . . my emotions have an outlet, and I do not explode.

. . . communities build.

. . . writer and reader make connection.

. . . I am more sensitive to and considerate of others.

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