Journey into Poetry: Matthew Kreider

White Chicken by HadleyGrass

So much of life depends upon the lighting. Under the fluorescent bulbs of Grade 9 English, I turned to page 646, or something like that, and discovered poetry.  Unit VII probably had a catchy and alliterative title, but I don’t remember it. I remember seeing bold-faced words, eerie line breaks (though I didn’t know the […]

Journey into Poetry: Richard Berlin

Book by Gualtiero

I didn’t start writing poetry until I was in my mid-forties. Growing up, I wasn’t the kind of kid who wrote poetry or holed up in his room writing a journal. As a teenager, I loved the singer-songwriters of the sixties — Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell – and I […]

Journey into Poetry: Duane Scott

Storm Troopers w Parasols

I don’t recall how it happened; how I got bamboozled (love that word) into writing poetry. This much I know: L.L. Barkat is to blame. (Handcuff her, folks. Lead her away.) She recommended I start by reading Billy Collins so I did and loved it. I loved how his words only made sense if you […]