My Dog Day

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Poetry Prompt: My Dog Day

11 Comments 30 June 2014

There are many wonders in a dog's mind. Join us for this week's poetry prompt: My Dog Day. Now's your chance to live a dog's life, if only for a day.

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literary tour alcatraz tweetspeakpoetry

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Literary Tour: Alcatraz

13 Comments 27 June 2014

I realize the children of Alcatraz prison staff once played on one end of the island and rode a ferry to San Francisco to attend school.

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summer poems

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Top Ten Summer Poems

12 Comments 26 June 2014

To help you stretch out these summer days as long as possible, we've gathered up a great collection of summer poems, from dandelions to love on the beach to patio umbrellas and everything in between (including the mosquitoes).

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national student poet

poetry, Student Writing

National Student Poet: Sojourner Ahebee (part 1)

5 Comments 25 June 2014

National Student Poet Sojourner Ahebee, forced from her homeland during the Ivorian civil war, shares how poetry writing helps her keep “home” close.

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Take Your Poet to Work W.B. Yeats

love poems, love poetry, Poems, Poets, Take Your Poet to Work Day, W. B. Yeats

Take Your Poet to Work: W. B. Yeats

4 Comments 25 June 2014

Have you chosen your favorite poet for Take Your Poet to Work Day? W. B. Yeats joins our growing collection of ready-for-work poets today.

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Tokien's Beowulf Tweetspeak Poetry

Books, Classic Poetry, Courage Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Tolkien

Poets and Poems: J.R.R. Tolkien and “Beowulf”

6 Comments 24 June 2014

The newly published translation of "Beowulf" by J.R.R. Tolkien is both poetic prose and a reminder of the epic's influence on "The Lord of the Rings."

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Dog Adventure

Animal Poems, Blog, Dog Poems, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Poetry Prompt: Dog Adventure

24 Comments 23 June 2014

It's not just a poetry prompt — it's the pet door to an adventure. Journey along as we live vicariously through dog tales of excitement and suspense.

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tree blossoms graduation

Blog, Poetry Gifts

Poetry for Life. A Dream Come True.

9 Comments 20 June 2014

What happens when one parent dreams of giving 180 graduates poetry for life? A national poetry community makes sure the dream comes true.

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eating and drinking poems seamus heaney oysters

Blog, Eating and Drinking Poems, Food Poems

Eating and Drinking Poems: Seamus Heaney’s ‘Oysters’

8 Comments 20 June 2014

As you read Seamus Heaney's poem “Oysters,” perhaps you, too, will start to feel the pull of the tides in each salty bite.

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the best in poetry

Blog, poetry, Top 10 Poetic Picks

The Best in Poetry: This Month’s Top Ten Poetic Picks

5 Comments 19 June 2014

The literary novel might be dead, how to get Stephen King's royalties, wrestling Ulysses and haiku-izing your status update. It's our Top Ten Poetic Picks.

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Take Your Poet to Work John Keats

Blog, John Keats, poetry humor, Take Your Poet to Work Day

Take Your Poet to Work: John Keats

5 Comments 18 June 2014

Romantic poet John Keats trained as an apothecary. He'd be a great help in the lab this afternoon. He's the latest in our Take Your Poet to Work collection.

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Anna Akhmatova and the Poetry of Resilience Tweetspeak Poetry

Classic Poetry, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets, Russian Poets

Anna Akhmatova and the Poetry of Resilience

4 Comments 17 June 2014

Russian poet Anna Akhmatova experienced personal tragedy, war, revolution, civil war, and Stalinist repression, and still wrote haunting poetry.

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Faithful Dog

Animal Poems, Blog, Dog Poems, Photo Play, Photography prompts, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Photography Prompts: Faithful Dog Photo Play 2

3 Comments 16 June 2014

We received several heart-warming submissions for our photography prompts. Visit our family dog album, pick your favorite, and respond with a poem.

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Letter from the Editor, Tweetspeak Tugboats

A Note from Near the Koi Pond

10 Comments 14 June 2014

A thank you note from near the koi pond. You might be there.

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Literary Birthdays Dorothy Sayers Tweetspeak Poetry

Blog, Literary Birthdays

Literary Birthdays: Dorothy Sayers’ Gaudy Night

4 Comments 13 June 2014

June 13 is the birthday of Dorothy Sayers, a 20th century British writer, poet, playwright, and translator. Her book Gaudy Night shows that being a writer requires one to be both a master of words and mastered by them.

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twitter poems

Blog, poetry, Top Ten Poetic Tweets

Twitter Poems: Top Ten Poetic Tweets

3 Comments 12 June 2014

See any good poetry on Twitter lately? We see it every day. Here are ten of the best Twitter poems we've seen lately.

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Take Your Poet to Work Adrienne Rich cover

Adrienne Rich, love poems, Poems, poetry teaching resources, Take Your Poet to Work Day, Woman Poems

Take Your Poet to Work: Adrienne Rich

8 Comments 11 June 2014

Take Your Poet to Work Day will be here before you know it. Get ready now with this week's new poet, Adrienne Rich.

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Thomas Merton Tweetspeak Poetry

book reviews, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: Thomas Merton and “In the Dark Before Dawn”

4 Comments 10 June 2014

Thomas Merton continues to exert a significant pull on the imagination, the intellect, and the conscience.

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Puppy Dog Eyes

Animal Poems, Blog, Dog Poems, Photo Play, Photography prompts, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Themed Writing Projects, writing prompts

Photography Prompts: Puppy Dog Eyes Photo Play

16 Comments 09 June 2014

Taking good pet photographs takes practice. Our photography prompts are here to help. Bring your camera and dog along with us for a little Photo Play!

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fly fishing artist date tweetspeak poetry

Artist Date, Blog

Become a Better Writer: Fly Fishing Artist Date

12 Comments 06 June 2014

Seth Haines awakens his creativity and finds the poetry of fly fishing through graceful repetition, through easy and patient strokes.

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Dog Songs

Blog, Dog Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Dog Songs: Poetry Prompt & Playlist


We cannot imagine a world without dogs and the joy they bring. Check out our new playlist and poetry prompt. Come sing (or howl) a few Dog Songs with us.

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Video: Reading A Book (Loki)

Added on 13 December 2013

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Did you know that around Tweetspeak Poetry there are a few Thor and Loki fans? (We *know* you know there are book fans.) This video nods to both.

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