Black and White Zinnia

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Iconoclasts: Dave Chappelle Meets Maya Angelou

1 Comment 19 December 2014

When two major figures—both word people—get together over their similarities and differences, something awe-inspiring happens. Chappelle and Angelou. Wow.

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Red Door Handle Why Poetry

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Why People Need Poetry, from Stephen Burt

6 Comments 12 December 2014

There are all sorts of wonderful reasons why people need poetry. In this TED talk, Stephen Burt gives his intriguing ideas about a few.

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Three Girls in White Tomas Transtromer poems

Poets, Videos

National Poetry Month Highlights: Tomas Tranströmer

5 Comments 01 April 2014

Tomas Transtromer has been writing for a long time. It shows. Join us in celebrating his poetry and life this National Poetry Month!

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Loki Reading a Book

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Video: Reading A Book (Loki)

No Comments 13 December 2013

Did you know that around Tweetspeak Poetry there are a few Thor and Loki fans? (We *know* you know there are book fans.) This video nods to both.

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Best Video Poems Steamy Pot

Attentiveness Poems, Blog, Poems, poetry, Video Poems, Videos, visual poetry

Video Poems: The Painter by Dobby Gibson

3 Comments 09 November 2013

Best video poems. "The Painter," by Dobby Gibson. A man finds he will create if he pays attention to life.

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Ghazal Poetry Poems

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Video Poem: Mortal Ghazal

4 Comments 03 October 2013

Moving video poem: "Mortal Ghazal," by Luisa A. Igloria

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poetry videos

Billy Collins, Blog, poetry, Rumi Poems, Video Poems, Videos, visual poetry

Top Ten Poetry Videos

4 Comments 26 September 2013

Poetry by its very nature is visual, its words alone enough to conjure vivid, lifelike images. Even so, we've rounded up ten great poetry videos.

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Poetry Video Billy Collins

Billy Collins, Humorous Poems, Poems, poetry, Video Poems, Videos

Poetry Video: The Country, Billy Collins

3 Comments 21 September 2013

A witty poetry video featuring, well, a mouse. An entertaining animated poem, from Billy Collins.

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poetry cards

Attentiveness Poems, Video Poems, Videos, visual poetry

Poetry Video: Historical Fragment

1 Comment 07 September 2013

A poetry video that will make you stop and watch. Mesmerizing, as the cards fly.

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Baby Will You Marry Me poem song

Videos, visual poetry

Under a stone lies a poem

8 Comments 07 June 2013

"Under a stone lies a poem that you once wrote to me." Beautiful animation.

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Rumi Some Kiss We Want Poetry Poppy

Blog, Poems, poetry, Rumi Poems, Spoken Word Poems, Videos

Rumi Poetry: Some Kiss We Want

6 Comments 30 May 2013

Rumi: Some Kiss We Want. Spoken word poetry and cello.

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Vincent Van Gogh Rooms

Art, Blog, Music, Videos

Vincent • Jane Olivor (Happy Birthday Van Gogh!)

No Comments 30 March 2013

A tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, in song. Jane Olivor video. Happy Birthday, Vincent!

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SNOW: a poem by James Longenbach

No Comments 23 March 2013

SNOW: a poem by James Longenbach

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Art, Blog, Videos Inspirational Video: You Got This

No Comments 23 February 2013

An inspirational video from Poignant illustration of the cycle we can go through from suffering and anger to realization of our true selves.

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Video: Things that Have No Name

No Comments 26 January 2013

"Things That Have No Name" is a video produced by Healing Stanzas, a collaboration between Kent State's Wick Poetry Center and students grades 3–12, medical professionals, patients, students and veterans.

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John Lithgow Reads “The Owl and the Pussycat”

1 Comment 12 January 2013

John Lithgow reads The Owl and the Pussycat in this delightful video.

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Poems, poetry, Videos, visual poetry

Video Poem: This is What Tomorrow Looks Like

No Comments 05 January 2013

On a train from Sydney to Melbourne, four family members each write a short poem with the same title.

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Fiction, poetry, Videos

Audio Excerpt: The Novelist by L.L. Barkat

No Comments 21 December 2012

An audio excerpt from L.L. Barkat's The Novelist: a novella featuring the delightful voice of Claire Burge.

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poetry, Videos

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton’s original poem)

1 Comment 15 December 2012

Tim Burton's original poem: The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Ochtend / Dawning

1 Comment 21 November 2012

Video poem by Swoon, featuring Egyptian poet Yahia Lababidi's poem "Dawning."

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