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Poetry Prompt: My Dog Day


My Dog Day

Have you ever watched your dog laze around, romp, or explore and couldn’t help but feel a bit of envy for the bliss of a dog’s life? There are many wonders in a dog’s mind. This week, you have a chance to try it on for size. What mischief!

Poetry Prompt:
Imagine you woke up tomorrow as a dog— don’t worry, it’s just for one day. What would your day be like?

Thanks to all our participants in last week’s poetry prompt. Here’s an endearing poem from Darlene we enjoyed:

I’ve got your

back, little buddy.

You’ve got my

hairy belly, turned

wrong-side up

when I’m looking for

a scratch. I’ve got

your friendship, little

buddy. You’ve got

my pillow beside

your bed, a hug, a

walk, a ball-toss. I’ve

got your heart, little

buddy. And you’ve

got mine.

—by Simply Darlene


Photo by Matt Chan. Creative Commons license via Flickr. Post by Heather Eure.


Sometimes we feature your poems in Every Day Poems, with your permission of course. Thanks for writing with us!

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  1. Donna says:

    Oh Darlene… it’s good good good to be a little buddy in your house and life. ;) Beautiful poem!

  2. Oh! Thanks for featuring this little ditty. It was inspired by an image of my son and his dog.

  3. I enjoyed your playful poem, Darlene.


    When light bends

    at 22 degrees, the sun
    dog shows its face, red-
    edge glints in my eyes,
    the brightest spots
    on my horizon

  4. Laura Brown says:

    Dog Days

    Game of fetch.

    Walk to park.

    Snap at bees.

    Off the lead.

    Take a nap.

    Drool from jowl.

    Not enough.

    Flop near feet.

  5. Laura Brown says:

    This is a test.
    This is only a test.

  6. Donna Saliba says:

    You Were Best
    (Words From Your Favorite Pet)

    Come, my friend, let’s sit a while;
    My time is yours to spend,
    Never will I make you feel
    I’ve been a lesser friend.

    Tell me all your secret thoughts,
    Tell to me your dreams,
    Never be afraid to tell,
    For you’re held in high esteem.

    I’ve come to love the one
    I chose that special day,
    Now my loyalty is strong-
    My feelings never sway.

    Not only did you meet my eyes
    You had my heart then, too,
    Then in turn I had your trust,
    It touched me through and through.

    That precious day I chose you
    Laid all my fears to rest,
    I not only gained a friend that day,
    You, my friend, were best.

    Donna Dissauer Saliba
    Professional Prose


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