Top 8 “Poetry at Work” Sightings in New York City

There are always times while reading a particularly good book when I find myself thinking of other people who might really enjoy it. A few weeks ago during the Tweetspeak Meetup, Nancy Franson and Michelle Ortega hit the streets of New York City looking for the sort of people who would appreciate Glynn Young’s Poetry at Work. For their first subject they had hoped to find a famous fellow who frequents Times Square wearing not much more than a guitar. He was absent that morning, but they continued on their mission and found eight other great Poetry at Work sightings in New York City:

1. No question, the lion at the New York Public Library looks even more stately with this book.

poetry at work sighting at new york public library

2. And Poets House is a perfect place to find Poetry at Work.

poetry at work sighting at poets house

3. A library and poetry library are too obvious, you say? How about the Library Hotel?

poetry at work sighting at library hotel

4. Well, Poetry at Work was seen at the Good Morning America studio.

poetry at work sighting in front of good morning america

5. And it was seen on the street at Times Square.

poetry at work sighting times square

6. Because what a cab driver does on the streets of New York City is some crazy kind of lyric poetry, the book was seen in a taxi.

poetry at work sighting in NYC taxi cab

7. And in the hands of this street vendor.

poetry at work sighting with street vendor

8. But perhaps the most delightful sighting was with this: because as anyone who has ever been a minion knows, even minions need poetry, especially at work.

poetry at work sighting with minions

Where have you seen Poetry at Work? Tweet a picture of the book to us at @tspoetry with the hashtag #poetryatwork and we might feature your photo.

Featured photo by L.L. Barkat. NYC photos by Nancy Franson, with the assistance of Michelle Ortega. Used with permission.


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Poetry at Work, by Glynn Young, foreword by Scott Edward Anderson

“This book is elemental.”

—Dave Malone


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      I’m quite sure Nancy was prepared to take the picture. Of course she would have taken full advantage of the guitar and the book 😉

      Love these pictures! Pure fun.


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