Tweetspeak Poetry’s Top Ten Posts from the Last Month (or so)

What are we reading at Tweetspeak Poetry? Catch up on the top posts from last month (or so):

10. Twitter Poetry: Top Ten Poetic Tweets

twitter poetry top ten poetic tweets

One of the things poetry and Twitter have in common (when done well) is an economy of words. Sometimes, it so happens we read a tweet and say to ourselves, “That’s poetry.” We featured a great collection of Twitter poems this month that you might enjoy.

9. Ode To Rice Krispies: Playlist and Poetry Prompt

ode to rice krispies

We crackled and popped into March’s Ode them with a snappy Ode playlist and a poetry prompt to write an ode to breakfast cereal.


8. Poets and Poems: Scott Cairns’ “Idiot Psalms”

Scott Cairns "Idiot Poems"Glynn Young reviewed Scott Cairns’ new collection of poems, Idiot Psalms: New Poems. Warm, human, with occasional flashes of dry wit, the poems range from pilgrimages and prayers to theology and even complaints.


7. Ghazal Poetry: How to Write a Ghazal & Playlist!


Our #7 spot took us back a few months to the Ghazal, poetry of longing, to our Ghazal playlist and a step-by-step How to Write a Ghazal.


6. Photo Prompts: An Ode to Home Photo Play

An Ode to Home Photo Prompt

Once the breakfast cereal had been put away, we sent you out to write an Ode to Home, and to take a photo of a cherished spot in your home for our monthly Photo Play feature.


5. English Teaching Resources: Incidentally, That Lego Could Earn You Six Figures

English Teaching Resources Legos Cars FerrariRead how play factors into development, and how playing with Legos, Play Doh or just a never ending ball of string might come up in your next job interview.



4. That’s Amore: 10 of the Best Love Poems

top ten love poemsA perennial favorite, our list of ten great love poems was as popular as ever last month. But why wait for February to roll around again? Read a favorite love poem again, right now.


3. 10 Great Poems About Work

Poetry at Work book by Glynn Young

Are you going to work today? Don’t go without your poetry. This collection of work poems can help lend perspective on those days when the clock just doesn’t seem to want to strike 5:00.


2. Poem Analysis: Anne Sexton’s “Her Kind”

Poem Analysis Anne Sexton's Her Kind Forest Evocative

An evocative, insightful analysis of Sexton’s “Her Kind,” from student writer Sara Barkat. Hold on to your hat!



1. Top 10 Funny Poems

top ten funny poems

What makes for Funny Poems? Maybe the same things that make any writing funny. Enjoy a laugh and these ten funny poems.




Cover photo by Steve Arnold, Creative Commons license via Flickr. Post photos credited in individual posts.


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