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Ode to the Home

An Ode to Home

A big thanks to all our photographers and poets who participated in last week’s poetry and photo prompts. This prompt gave us an opportunity to think about the space in which we live, and share a praiseworthy glimpse into its heart and soul. The “where” and the “who” we call home. Here is part of a poem written by Carol that seems to capture the essence:

Voices mingle in filtered shadows
Echoes of laughter and tears…

— by Carol J. Garvin

An ode to home can also represent the passing of time and the inevitability of change, as we see here in this portion of a poem from Darlene:

Home has a lot to do with where we’ve left—

of hearts
along the

— by Simply Darlene

Be sure to check out the highlights from Photo Prompt participants on the Photo Play Pinterest board! And keep clicking and/or playing with words.

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Featured photos by S. Etole, Patricia, and Monica. Post by Heather Eure.



Sometimes we feature your poems in Every Day Poems, with your permission of course. Thanks for writing with us!

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  1. says

    Thanks for making my day with a photo feature!

    Here’s a poem for the first photo:

    Tatted, transparent in places,
    who can tell if she’s tired of hiding,
    trying to peek out into light,
    or escaping exposure,
    slipping quick into the dark,
    the drawer shut too soon
    behind her?

  2. says

    Thank you for using some o’ my words and for linking to the entire piece. Home is a hard one for me (and mine) due to our Relocation Saga.

    Lots of folks say “home is where the heart is.” Only sometimes does that tidbit offer comfort.

  3. says

    The seeds on the cutting board caught my eye… I got to thinking that they feel left out, you know? And so, I give you tomato seeds’ lament

    tinged with reddish orange slippery
    tongues cry out
    “what are we
    chopped liver?



    the d

  4. says

    My home is where my heart is
    I know this in my bones
    I’ve searched for years to find it
    but still end up alone
    I know one day I will find it
    I don’t look anymore
    but one day my heart will find its home
    and I will know its door..


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