Top Ten Poetic Tweets: Moon Poems Edition

We’ve been working hard this week planning our trip into space. You see, one of our longtime goals at Tweetspeak has been to put poetry on the moon. FedEx doesn’t deliver quite to the moon yet, but we’re thinking that together, anything is possible. We’re in the running for a small business grant from FedEx that we believe will help us take poetry far. Maybe as far as the moon.

(We’re even hoping to take another poetry organization with us.)

We asked you to help with your votes every day at FedEx (have you voted yet today?) and also with a call for your moon poems. Thanks to Twitter, you’ve been mooning us all week. (And voting—thank you!)

While you wait for it to be tomorrow, so you can vote again, enjoy ten of our favorite moon poems:










Maureen Doallas sent us this rap on FB:

Poetry folds flat,
and neat in a pocket.
I’d like FedEx to send it up, stat,
in a well-fueled rocket.
If it’s a moon landing
I won’t be standing.
Now don’t be demanding.
Figure out who’ll be commanding
and let me know,
Just don’t be slow,
get in the flow,
my bro’.
You got to win
or least-ways show.


John Siddique sent us this Moon Poem for Valentine’s & Full Moon:

Photo by sammydavisdog. Creative Commons license via Flickr.


  1. says

    Such fun to see these!

    Thank you for including my little rap piece. I have to share it with my son. He’s the real rap lyricist in the family.

    Lovely to see again the animation of John’s poem.

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