Poetry and Photo Prompts: Spanish Lace Photo Play

Poetry and Photo Prompts: Spanish Lace Photo Play

Photographs can have a poetic voice. With photography as in poetry, sometimes what isn’t said is just as important as what is.

This month, we’re looking at Spanish Lace. Have you looked closely at the fine detail of lace? Lace can be more than thread and latticework. There is lace all around. Take a winter’s stroll and look among the bare bones of the landscape, finding “lace” in your outdoor surroundings.

For this photo play, try using light to create a sense of something not being said. What kind of light will you use? A dying light might create a moodier “Spanish lace” effect—a sort of knowing glance from you to the subject or the subject to you. A mid-day light might overexpose your lacy shape, creating a disappearance of form. You could even try photographing the same subject in several different kinds of light (morning, lunch break, evening.) Play around.

Post your photo play on your blog, Flickr, or Pinterest account, and leave the link in a comment on this post. Some photos will be chosen for feature at Tweetspeak Poetry and all will be posted on our Pinterest Photo Play board. Deadline for submissions is this Thursday, so you have time to find the Spanish Lace around you. See you back here soon!

NOTE TO POETS: Are you looking for your Monday poetry prompt? On Photo Play weeks, it’s right here. Use the photo from this post and respond with a poem. Your words will be your photograph, so leave your poem in the comment box. We’ll be reading!

Photo by George Vnoueck, Creative Commons via Flickr. Post by Heather Eure.


Sometimes we feature your poems and photos in Every Day Poems if they’re a good fit. Thanks for playing with words and photos.

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  1. Jon Lewis says

    mmmmm lace takes me places, makes me happy

    cinta negra,
    sweet supple armor
    cinta negra,
    mesmerizing sinewy mesh
    cinta negra
    draws my eye
    cinta negra
    Obssesion of mine
    Cintat negra
    Possesses me wholly
    cinta negra
    I am yours
    For you cinta negra only
    a willing fly
    cinta negra
    caught in your wanton web

  2. Twirlingtoes says

    Lace Of The Sun

    The sun leaves twittering patterns
    On my wooden floor
    As it pushes and pours
    through the glass panes in the hush of afternoon as the sound of padded cat paws stirs the long pause of silence while the baby sleeps.
    The swirls and golden drops flutter.
    Acting as master, the Wind blowing the maples out side my window makes them dance.
    Through the leaves, who swirl, swing, and hold on with all their might, the sun makes lace.
    On my wooden floor.

  3. says

    Lava Rock

    How can it be that magma heat, flowing
    loses its liquid burn? How
    can the fiery froth become so cold,
    the glow of bubbles no longer
    bursting and reforming to swell and burst
    again? Your zealous heat has cooled,
    aloof now and indifferent, your hue
    frozen to dull darkness, igneous
    and basaltic, your dynamic cauldron
    turned static, all the little holes
    hardened into emptiness. Burn again.

  4. Amy says


    Her hair scattered across the cotton sheets
    as a delicate web of obsidian lace;
    she starts fires within the creased pleats,
    her hair scattered across the cotton sheets.

    So intricate, the shadow play of heart beats
    in early morn, a lover’s light upon her face;
    her hair scattered across the cotton sheets
    as a delicate web of obsidian lace.

  5. says


    Lace veils
    The long road
    Traced in wrinkles
    And smile lines
    Friendship weds
    And in this moment,
    Love, companionship,
    And family are together
    The road is kind

    © February 15, 2014, Robbie Pruitt


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