Get Featured in Our How to Read a Poem Top 10!

Earlier this morning, I found this tweet from one of our @tspoetry tweeters:

Oh, that made me laugh. And I *do* love to laugh. I also love to read beautiful words or look at beautiful pictures. So.

Would you like to get featured in some of our upcoming How to Read a Poem Top 10s?

1. Tweet your ideas, your poems, or your pictures on the concept of “how to read a poem”

2. Use the hashtag #howtoreadapoem

3. Include an @tspoetry in the tweet

We can’t wait to see how you suggest to read a poem.

Photo by Tania Runyan, author of How to Read a Poem (Based on the Billy Collins Poem “Introduction to Poetry”). Post by L.L. Barkat, who loves to laugh.



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