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Our new creativity book is filled with delightful stories, illustrations, and activities. It also has helpful organizing principles, such as How to Break Down a Large Creative Idea.

Spin Creativity Book Poets and Writers Toolkit

How to Break Down a Large Creative Idea

See creative projects like the parts of a bicycle:

1. The Frame

-what is the objective?
-what materials will be used?
-size of the project?
-who will be “driving/riding” the project?

2. The Wheels

-what is my motivation for doing this project?
-is it work that falls into the passion category or is it “pay the bills” work?
-how does it feed into my larger goals?
-how does it advance my work and creative life as a whole?

3. The Seat

-who makes up the team?
-what are their strengths and weaknesses?
-what is their availability?

4. The Pedals

-how will this project be sustained?
-what is required to move the project forward?

5. The Gears

-does the project require different speeds at different times?
-will the project be more intense at certain periods?

6. The Brakes

-what will/can hold this project back?
-what delays can be anticipated?
-what barriers need to be overcome?

Now it’s your turn. Tell us how you break down a large creative idea?

Photo by Kelly Sauer. Used with permission. Illustration by Brian Dixon. Concept by Claire Burge, author of Spin: Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree.

Spin-Taking Your Creativity to the Nth Degree


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5 Comments so far

  1. This book is the bomb as some would say :) Claire tells it slant. The most beautiful way to tell. What an innovative approach. No tutorial or prescriptives here. Just plain fun, heart, lots of heart, and inspiration on every “white” page. Colored by the reader, colored with a building passion for being brave and bold and above all the creative that she was born to be.

  2. And the bicycle analogy, well I LOVE that part. One of my favorite pages in the book. :) Lyla, sigh, wink, sigh.

  3. Claire Burge says:

    The bicycle is my favourite part of the whole book … ;)

    Glad that others are enjoying it too and that it has been showcased as part of the toolkit here!


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