Twitter Poetry: Top Ten Poetic Tweets

We spend a lot of time on Twitter. (We’re Tweetspeak Poetry, right?) In fact, we figure we read thousands of tweets every month. One of the things poetry and Twitter have in common (when done well) is an economy of words. Sometimes, it so happens we read a tweet and say to ourselves, “That’s poetry.” Maybe it’s not a poem, but it’s a poetic thing. A way of using words well.

We want to take notice.

Here are ten of the best poetic tweets we’ve seen in the last few weeks:












Top photo by EmreAyar. Birdhouse photo by See-ming Lee. Creative Commons licensed via Flickr. Post by Lyla Willingham Lindquist. 


twitter poetry partyWant to get in on some fast writing fun? Join us for our Twitter Poetry Party tonight (9/12) from 8:30-9:30 p.m. EST

It works like this: @tspoetry provides the prompt — an idea, a line of poetry, even a tabloid headline. You write a few lines of poetry in response to the prompt and then play off the other participants’ lines, working within the 140-character limit — just make sure each tweet includes the hashtag — #tsptry. That way, we can find your contributions.

It’s a good idea to follow @tspoetry, and the best way to make sure you include the hashtag and see everyone’s tweets as they are tweeted, is to sign in to our @tspoetry Tweetchat room.

Many of the tweets from the Twitter Party will be assembled into larger Twitter poems that may be featured in Every Day Poems and right here on Tweetspeak. If your lines are featured, you’ll get credit and links as a co-author, too.


  1. says

    This Morning

    His head is a bit light, the effect
    of hurry and desire and no coffee.

    The shock on her face is devastating,
    like parting words in poems.

    To pause even for a moment more
    is setting the light of dragonflies ablaze.

    He takes a hammer to the brickwork,
    waits for a bit of blood, the birds singing.

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