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Take Your Poet to Work Day is July 17, 2013 (Infographic)


take your poet to work day infographic cover

It’s Monday morning. The start of another work week, if you work a standard 9-5 sort of job. Maybe you’re just getting home from the night shift, making yourself dinner while half the country stands bleary-eyed at the counter, waiting for toast to pop up and coffee to brew. Or maybe you just worked your four days on and are starting your three days off. Whatever your hours, whatever your job description or how many jobs you work, this is no ordinary work week.

This is the week you get to Take Your Poet to Work.

On Wednesday, July 17, we invite you to pick a poet to pack in your lunchbox for Take Your Poet to Work Day. You can browse our collection of ready-for-work poets. Then just cut out, color and secure your chosen poet to a stick and you’re ready to go. Impress your boss. Delight your coworkers. Amuse your fellow subway passengers. Our new Take Your Poet to Work Day infographic has everything you need to celebrate the day.

And don’t forget to share your stories with us. Snap a picture and post to your favorite social media. Tag or mention us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #poettowork and we might feature you. ((If you Instagram, also tweeting to us will help ensure you are seen.)

Take Your Poet to Work Day
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Browse all of our ready-for-work poets:

Take your poet to work - Sara Teasdale

Take Sara Teasdale to work

Take Your Poet to Work - Pablo Neruda

Take Pablo Neruda to work

Take Your Poet to Work - Haiku Masters

Take the Haiku masters to work

Take Your Poet to Work - T S Eliot

Take T.S. Eliot to work

Take Your Poet to Work - Emily Dickinson

Take Emily Dickinson to work

Take Your Poet to Work Day - Rumi

Take Rumi to work

Take Your Poet to Work - Edgar Allan Poe

Take Edgar Allan Poe to work

Post and graphics by Lyla Willingham Lindquist.


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  1. L.L. Barkat says:

    poets at the fair. I would like to see that :)

  2. too clever for words . . . i no longer have a workplace, so I’ll think of you all fondly as I enjoy the island breezes of Kauai. :>)

  3. Navi says:

    Can I print a picture of my teenager instead? She’s a poet. lol.

  4. Adam Webb says:

    This brilliant initiative has unintentionally raised awareness of an important problem in modern workplaces: lack of sticks.

  5. However, you can’t let distractions like the re-spawning chocolate or even the bomb candies take you away from the goal.
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