Rock ‘n Roll Poetry Prompt: Blue Suede Shoes

Oh, those blue suede shoes Elvis first rocked us with!

Poetry Prompt: Pick a shoe and put it in a poem, with a little music on the side. Black heels. Brown loafers. Red sneakers. Okay, or those blue suede shoes. Rock us. Sure, you can grab a line from Elvis. Why not.

Want to see a sample shoe poem? This one has a secret: The Need for Shoes.

Thanks to our participants in the Rock Lyrics poetry prompt. Here’s one we enjoyed:

The Day the World Went Away

he fell Into the Void
with 1,000,000 other Dead Souls.

Running from Sin in the Echoplex
was no longer The Perfect Drug.

All The Good Soldier could show
for his efforts were Hesitation Marks

and that personal All Time Low
in Discipline and Survivalism.

The Eater of Dreams Came Back Haunted
by the Black Noise of Nine Inch Nails

in his Head Like a Hole. His could have been
the Hand That Feeds each Wish

but when Every Day Is Exactly the Same,
you Burn, he said, and it is the Hurt

that splits your heart In Two, denies each
half its Various Methods of Escape.

—Maureen Doallas

Poem based on song titles from the upcoming Nine Inch Nails album, Hesitation Marks

Photo by pawpaw67. Creative Commons, via Flickr.


Sometimes we feature your poems in Every Day Poems, with your permission of course. Thanks for writing with us!


  1. Richard Maxson says


    Watching your feet traipse the shoreline sand
    that forms itself for a moment like a slipper,
    disappearing in the ocean’s slow arc following you,
    I know what happens next:
    the water deepens around us as we walk,
    our ankles draped in the last wave’s wet lace,
    each step now more a memory
    beyond the force of tides
    than something we do to make our way
    in occult and fleeting shoes
    cobbled from a thousand years―you and I
    sauntering into the brackish air,
    into the crush of shells.

    • L. L. Barkat says

      i especially like “I know what happens next.” It just arrests me. And there is tension, because the truth is that relationships are so complex that we don’t really know what happens next.

      Really nice, Richard. :)

  2. says

    Black Furs and Diamonds

    She pledged never to live forever
    in blue jeans and go-go boots,

    hadn’t worn a headband and slit
    skirts in ages. She’d traded in

    her cheap sunglasses, even taken
    off the white kid gloves. From now

    on, she’d promised, she was stepping
    out in black furs, with diamonds

    on the soles of her shoes. Yessir;
    when Ruby puts her red dress on,

    every sucker in a three-piece knows
    it’s time to rock and roll.


    In order: Forever in Blue Jeans (Neil Diamond), Go-Go Boots (Drive-By Truckers), Headband (B.o.B.), Slit Skirts (Pete Townshend), Kid Gloves (Marmaduke Duke), Black Furs (Judie Tzuke), Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (Paul Simon), Ruby Puts Her Red Dress On (Joel Crouse), Every Suck in a 3 Piece (Van Halen), Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin).

    • L. L. Barkat says

      i love this, Maureen! All the images… the jeans and go-go boots, kid gloves, the black furs.

      what it would be to walk on diamonds, huh? (I like to think of my back lawn in morning dew as diamonds I get to touch with my soles :) )

  3. says


    the pink suede
    unlaced shoes
    pulled gently off
    fell to the bare wood floor
    rested there unmoved
    she kicked-back
    with a long sigh
    of tiredness and longing
    three inch heals
    worn since morning
    and all she could say was

  4. says

    Traffic in July

    steam of summer
    sizzled on concrete
    sun kissed skin
    sweat slicked hair
    music throbbing
    through open windows
    bare feet tapping
    rock jazz fusion
    low spark of high
    heeled boys
    never too hot
    to be cool

    • L. L. Barkat says

      i especially like the short line lengths on this one. I found it got me reading with a jazzy beat.

      And I am such a bare foot gal :)

  5. says

    This may be cheating a little bit, but here’s the opening to a post I wrote about my shoe love (and how shoes are like poetry!):

    Oxfords, Docs,

    Converse, crocs.

    Peep toes, pumps,

    Mary Janes, clogs.

    Jellies, Wellies,

    Combats, Chucks.

    Manolos, Maddens,

    Sandals, stilettos.

    Kitten heels, mules,

    Birks and wedges.

    A new study reveals that our soles are the window to our souls; these tongues do tell.

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