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Image-ine: Barbie Crime


While walking, this was found…
Barbie Crime Story-1

What is it?
Barbie Crime Story-2

Oh no!
Barbie Crime Story-3

A body!
Barbie Crime Story-4
Barbie Crime Story-5
Barbie Crime Story-6

This is the detective.
Barbie Crime Story-7
Barbie Crime Story-8

Barbie Crime Story-9
Barbie Crime Story-10

This is the sheriff.
Barbie Crime Story 11
Barbie Crime Story-12

This is the mourner.
Barbie Crime Story-13

Ah, look. Bystanders.
Barbie Crime Story-14
Barbie Crime Story-15

And a witness.
Barbie Crime Story-16

Justice will prevail.

Costume Design by Sonia Joie, age 13. Set design, photo shoot and poem-story by Sara Barkat, age 15.


The Head, played by an unknown vagabond Barbie head
Mighty Black Police Steed, played by an unnamed horse
Detective, played by Bald Man
Sheriff, played by I-Don’t-Know-Your-Name
Nosy Bystander 1, played by Old Man
Nosy Bystander 2, played by Kelly
Mourner, played by Belle
Witness, played by an unnamed high-fashion Barbie with too much makeup

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9 Comments so far

  1. LW Lindquist says:

    The blonde in the red dress.

    She looks suspicious to me. Something about the eyes, I think.

    Love this. From the moment the head was seen and story wanted, to the camera angles, to the yellow police tape around the chairs.

    Actually, the police tape might be my favorite thing.

    • L.L. Barkat says:

      The police tape was my favorite thing too. :) And the Sheriff.

      Hmmm. About that suspicious blonde. I am thinking of a hard-boiled detective novel. What is it? Oh, yes. Sam Spade. The Maltese Falcon.

      Will I-Don’t-Know-Your-Name turn out to be a hard-boiled crime solver? (Looks like she is very determined :) )

  2. Such a clean neck cut.

    Really wonderful.

  3. I believe that sheriff is Madeliene, with her trusty dog Genevieve.

    This was by far the best part of my day. Thank you, Sara!

  4. Donna says:


    “Ah, look. Bystanders.” Love this! OF COURSE! :D Every crime scene needs them! This was my favorite part…. very clever!

    Will there be a sequel?


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