A Valentine’s Playlist

valentine's playlist

You have the chocolate, the flowers, the reservations for an intimate dinner for two in the darkest way-back corner of the restaurant that serves the most amazing spaghetti with a rich marinara sauce. You ask for your sausage and green peppers and onions on the side.

The maître d’ lights the candles and as he motions the musicians over to your table, you wave him off, slide your mobile device out of your pocket and set it quietly between you and your love.

Yes, you had the romantic genius to bring along your own romantic Valentine’s playlist of sweet love songs.

[Cue record scratch.] Wait. You remembered the flowers but not the love songs?

Tweetspeak is here for you. We have the best love poems (print one off and tuck it in your pocket–it might come in handy), we have a Funny Valentine’s Playlist if you need to break the ice, and we have the sweetest list of romantic songs. All you have to do is Play.

You can thank us later.

Photo by Jenny Downing, Creative Commons license via Flickr. 


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  1. […] Valentine’s Day, perhaps more than any other holiday (except Poetry at Work Day), seems to make poets of everyone. Well, to say “everyone” is overstating the matter. But Valentine’s Day certainly makes poets of the many. I don’t see many anthologies or chapbooks or even Twitter teeming with Groundhog Day poems, for instance, though such an observance is a perfect occasion for poetry. […]

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