Poetry at Work Day Survival Kit

Celebrating Poetry at Work Day

Want to celebrate in your workplace, but not sure where to begin? Bringing poetry to work and engaging your coworkers, employees or management can be as simple as reading a poem or printing some out to leave on the cafeteria tables. Or maybe you could invite a local poet in for the afternoon break time or create a poetry wall for your coworkers to write a few lines together.

Whatever you decide, we’ve put together a Poetry at Work Survival Kit to help you plan.  Check out these great resources and bring poetry to work:

robert frost collected poems

Taking Poetry to Work: A Few Good Tricks

We’ve created three simple activities you could use in your workplace to encourage your coworkers to play with poetry at work. You might need some paper, scissors, and glue, or you might just need a poem.

call the poet

Poetry at Work Day Infographic

Our new Poetry at Work Day infographic highlights the places you can hear poetry at work, famous poets and their “day jobs,” great poems about work, and simple ways you can celebrate the day at your workplace. Want to spread the word? There’s no better place to start than this great shareable infographic–complete with a chicken and chocolate chip cookies! Send it to your colleagues and friends via email, or share it to Facebook or Twitter. You can even post it on your company’s intranet site.

poetry cookies

10 Great Poems About Work

Poetry at work has been going on for centuries, from the farm to the blacksmith shop to the boardroom and unemployment line. And poets have long written about the value of work, the lack of work, the toil of work. Check out these ten great poems about work, including some relatively new works.

Illustrations and post by LW Lindquist.


Poetry at Work Business and Poetry Books

Poetry at Work, by Glynn Young, foreword by Scott Edward Anderson

“This book is elemental.”

—Dave Malone


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    Maureen, you are hilarious.

    I am only going to raise a virtual chicken if she promises to write poetry 😉


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