Infographic: Poetry at Work Day

Need more inspiration? Check out these take-and-go ideas: 3 simple ways to bring poetry to work.

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  1. L. L. Barkat says

    I love the chicken :)

    I love the millions. Someday, you know? :)

    (and I laughed through all this, while I wasn’t getting serious and thoughtful over something)

  2. says

    Can’t imagine how much time it took you to do this, Lyla, but it’s great.

    By the time the day’s over, that “millions” will read “billions and billions”!

    Be sure to add “Infographic Designer” to your list of skills on LinkedIn. (I’m serious, girl!)

  3. says

    I am so excited I can’t stand it. WOWZA. How’s that for a poetic word… or not :) I love these graphics, I love the humor…never any shortage of it here…and I love the dreams and schemes and idea streams. This has endless possibilities. I am excited….wait I said that already.

  4. says

    I couldn’t resist….

    Infographics Inspire Poetry, Too

    When your boss says
    he’d like to read

    your lunch out of line
    and off the clock, don’t

    promise him better
    performance reviews.

    Send him back
    to the assembly line!

    Tell your sales staff
    to hold all calls while

    you’re taking a meeting
    around the water cooler,

    and promise there’ll be
    no corporate speeches

    unless they come bearing
    paper and pens in hand.

    Put The Instruction Manual
    in every workspace,

    a copy of Every Day Poems
    in every inbox, and insist

    your HR director learn how
    to use the proper hashtags

    before writing you up because
    recycling her PowerPoint

    slides and living to tweet
    about it has its own sweet

    benefits. Advise the union
    that what co-workers deserve

    more than a smoke that’ll send
    company healthcare costs rising

    is a fifteen-minute break to hear
    America singing Langston Hughes’s

    Po’ Boy Blues. They might even
    appreciate being called back

    from their most recent layoff
    to explain exactly What Work Is.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re in
    insurance, banking, medicine,

    patents, or religion or get kicks
    at the local customs house or library,

    if your assistants can just get right
    the rhythm of The Secretary Chant

    on Tuesday, January 15, you all
    will be entitled to skip work

    and enjoy your first mental health day.

  5. says

    You are amazing, Lyla. Will your wonders never cease? Good night woman, when do you get your insurance stuff done? Or maybe you don’t sleep? Or cook? (well, we know about that one, don’t we? ; ) Or clean? Laundry? Lunches? But, goodness… just wait till my hospice office catches wind of this. Like a stealth poet, I will embrace Poetry at Work Day with all my heart. The bulletin board, lunch room table, refrigerator door, receptionist’s desk and bathroom mirror will never be the same. I’ll send pics. This is gonna be good. I hope. = )


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