NPR Tell Me More Twitter Poetry

When we heard about NPR Tell Me More’s Muses and Metaphors call for Twitter poetry, of course we couldn’t resist sending all our best company vehicles, to offer Michel Martin and poet Holly Bass a ride to our own Twitter poetry party last night.

Twitter just celebrated its sixth birthday, which means we’ve been Twitter-poetry-partying for half of the social-media giant’s life. It’s fun to remember that we were one of the first to celebrate Twitter’s poetic capabilities. Since then, of course, poetry has become a popular Twitter pastime. So popular that, yes, NPR is calling for Twitter poems. And you might just write them, even if you aren’t at one of our parties. Bon voyage!

First, we sent the hot pink limo.

LL's LImo

Then, we sent the hot pink John Deere.

Hot Pink Tractor

Then, we sent the hot air balloons (yes, one in hot pink).

Hot Air Balloons

And of course we finally had to send the steamin’ pink motorcycle too.

Tweetspeak's motorcycle-Kawasaki

Thanks to everyone who hitched a ride. Watch this space for the reweaving of the tweets into larger poems!

Post by L.L. Barkat, author of Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity & Writing


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EDP Immolation


  1. says

    Maybe I shoulda opted for the crotch-rocket because that tractor ride o’ mine was bumpy. I was distracted with all the pink. I’m not used to pink.

    My tractor is an orange Kubota.


  2. says

    That was fun last night, a good crowd of poets and a good crowd to do RTs of our lines.

    I want to try a magic carpet for my next fly-in. I won’t have to wait in any TSA lines.

  3. L. L. Barkat says

    Darlene, you make me laugh too. That kind of rocket sounds… a bit uncomfortable :)

    Maureen, have you ever seen such a crowd? INSANE! I think it was all the transportation we sent out. Too bad I didn’t think of a magic carpet (idea for next time :). And you should go retweet some of your own tweets from last night, to #TMMPoetry

  4. says

    Oh miss L.L. I think that is the slang term for that motorcycle you have pictured. I rode one once. Good night, Irene, felt like my pants left before the rest of me.

    (crotch isn’t part of my daily (or weekly) vernacular. but combined with “rocket” i let it go just this once.)

  5. sue says

    Congratulations! Both for your successful poetry party—AND…and—your tweetpoem being chosen as one of select #TMMpoetry pieces to be read on NPR. :) *ahem* Hear you on radio soon…


  6. L. L. Barkat says

    Lol, Darlene. You made my morning :)

    Sue, thank you! That was a total surprise this morning. Who knew where a pink limo might take a person? :)

  7. says

    If you transport by the “Beam me up” method, you won’t need pink or any color at all! (That was just to comfort those who may have an aversion to pink.)

    If you tell me what time it’ll air in April, I’ll tune in…

  8. Toby McCrae Kreider says

    At this rate of growing popularity, you will soon need a light rapid transit electro-train to get everyone on board! I missed the poetry ride this time.

  9. L. L. Barkat says

    Yes, well, that or we’ll have to make it by reservation only. :) Craziest poetry party I’ve been to yet.

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