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Here’s contribution #7 on “Why Poetry Matters” that was submitted for the poetry and wine giveaway last month. The randomly chosen commenter received a copy of L.L. Barkat’s InsideOut: Poems, and the winner of the 100-word statements on what poetry matters received a copy of the poems and a bottle of Sineann wine.

Reading this one, you’ll see how I struggled with determining the best contribution. From Jim Allman (the scop) at diatribalArts:

Why Poetry Matters

I walk around as though I’m welcome here—as if I know this place; only to discover I haven’t been looking closely enough. It is an Elfland world with giant beanstalks and straw spun to gold, of wicked stepsisters and witches with a taste for children. There are monsters everywhere and only magic can challenge them. Poetry is flush with this type of magic; it defies monsters but also helps one to recall those too infrequent moments of waking wonder. Poetry is necessary because we must all feel out of place here, and because we must survive it—thriving—too.

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  1. nAncY says:

    a walk in wonder

  2. Kathleen says:

    Wow. ‘Poetry is necessary” This is so true.

  3. Poetry can conjure. . . and just sweep you away.

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