chocolate dipped cherries recipe

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Eating and Drinking Poems: Wendell Berry’s “Fall”

4 Comments 24 October 2014

Chocolate and cherries, "Fall" and Wendell Berry. Two great pairings, paired in Kathryn Neel's latest Eating and Drinking Poems, one you'll want to dip in.

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top ten tweetspeak posts

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Top 10 All-Time Posts at Tweetspeak Poetry

7 Comments 23 October 2014

We have no super-secret algorithms but through a process that's one part data, one part intuition, one part special sauce, we've gathered the 10 most popular posts in the Tweetspeak archives (from all time).

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Neuberger Museum of Art

Art, Art Galleries and Exhibits, Blog, Literary Tour, New York Literary

Literary Tours: Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase College, NY

5 Comments 22 October 2014

Go back to the Neuberger Museum of Art at New York's Purchase College with former museum staffer, Victoria Addesso in our latest Literary Tour.

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Poppy Single Susan Etole

article, Hope Poems, Poems, poetry, Poets, war poems

The Most Famous Poem of World War I

5 Comments 21 October 2014

The most famous poem of World War I, "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae, lives on today as the genesis of the Memorial Poppy.

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Train Tracks Train Poems

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Photo Play 2: Trains and Tracks Prompt

7 Comments 20 October 2014

Over here, there is no right or wrong side of the tracks. Explore the Photo Play contributions from our community & share your train-inspired poem with us.

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mischief cafe fence

Blog, Mischief Café

Poetry at Home—With Mischief, Toast, and Tea

12 Comments 17 October 2014

Poetry is for life, not for ivory towers. That's why we're taking it home, with mischief, toast, and tea, through a new initiative called The Mischief Café.

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Blog, Interview, Interviews, Poetry at Work, Small Press Profiles

Small Press Profile: Bellevue Literary Press

2 Comments 17 October 2014

Bellevue Literary Press was born out of the "exceptional belief that literature should have a home in a medical school." Maureen Doallas interviews publisher Erika Goldman.

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top red poems

Blog, Red Poems

Top Ten Red Poems

4 Comments 16 October 2014

If there's one thing red is not, it's neutral. We've collected ten great red poems that demand your attention.

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writing tips self-editing

Become a Better Writer, Blog, Writing Life, Writing Tips

4 Self-Editing Tips: Bring a Paint Can and Brush

2 Comments 15 October 2014

Charity Singleton Craig sees self-editing like the touch-up work after painting a room. Come with a paint can for 4 self-editing tips.

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Kubla Khan Poem in Woods

Blog, Classic Poetry, Dream Poems, Mischief Café

Reading Kubla Khan: A Mischief Café Dream

12 Comments 14 October 2014

What better place to read Kubla Khan than in a dream-like woodland? What better place to discuss mischief and controlled chaos.

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Fall Leaf Book of Goodbyes

Poems, poetry and business, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: Jillian Weise and “The Book of Goodbyes”

1 Comment 14 October 2014

"The Book of Goodbyes" by Jillian Weise is a collection of poems that are sometimes raw, sometimes searing, but always arresting and always honest.

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Trains and Tracks

Blog, Photo Play, Photography prompts, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Train poems, Trains and Tracks

Photo Play: Trains and Tracks Prompt

26 Comments 13 October 2014

Trains embody excitement, freedom, and even a bit of mystery. Grab your camera and join us as we embark on a scenic Photo Play excursion. All aboard!

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how to write a spiritual memoir

Blog, Memoir Notebook, writer's group resources

Memoir Notebook: Voices (or, How to Write Spiritual Memoir)

3 Comments 10 October 2014

Heed the voices, says Wm. Anthony Connolly, for they are the memoirist’s own rising from the soul.

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twitter poems top ten poetic tweets

Blog, poetry, Top Ten Poetic Tweets, Twitter poetry

Twitter Poems: Top Ten Poetic Tweets

1 Comment 09 October 2014

Looking for poetry on Twitter? We've made it easy for you, with this roundup of the best Twitter poems we've seen in the past few weeks.

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Reading Ulysses in Fall Woods

Blog, Classic Poetry, Courage Poems, English Teaching Resources, Hero's Journey Poems, Humanity Poems, Incidentally, Travel Poems

Reading Ulysses: Mischief in the Woods

15 Comments 08 October 2014

What can reading Ulysses in the woods teach us about changing education and throwing out the idea of homework? A whole lot.

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national student poet louis lafair

Blog, Interview, Interviews, journey into poetry, Student Writing

National Student Poet Louis Lafair: Part 2

1 Comment 08 October 2014

National Student Poet Louis Lafair discusses the influences of his poetry, and his vision for experiencing poetry in the 21st century.

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article, book reviews, Funny Poems, Humorous Poems, Poems, poetry, poetry humor, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: Aaron Belz and “Glitter Bomb”

6 Comments 07 October 2014

Aaron Belz, often associated with the New York School, has a new collection of poems, "Glitter Bomb." And it is a fun collection to read.

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trains and tracks playlist and poetry prompt

Blog, Music, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, Themed Writing Projects, Trains and Tracks

Trains and Tracks: Poetry Prompt & Playlist

25 Comments 06 October 2014

Musicians have not overlooked the magic and romance of the rails, and we've put together a collection of train songs in our new playlist to start off this month's Trains and Tracks theme.

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david levinthal exhibit

Art, Art Galleries and Exhibits, Literary Tour

Literary Tour: David Levinthal’s “MAKE BELIEVE” Exhibit at San Jose Museum of Art

16 Comments 03 October 2014

Visit David Levinthal's 'MAKE BELIEVE' exhibit at San Jose Museum of art, with cultural images such as Barbie, baseball, World War II and sexual politics.

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top question poems

Blog, Poems, poetry, Question Poems

Top Ten Question Poems

5 Comments 02 October 2014

There's something comforting about definitive answers and hard data. But what if we allowed ourselves the space that questions offer? Here are 10 question poems that try to answer that. Or not.

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the ballad

Americana Poems, Blog, Music, Music Poems, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

The Ballad: Poetry Prompt and Playlist


Our new playlist and poetry prompt pays homage to the timeless ballad. Listen along to our inspired tunes and let it bring out your inner troubadour.

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Video: Reading A Book (Loki)

Added on 13 December 2013

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Did you know that around Tweetspeak Poetry there are a few Thor and Loki fans? (We *know* you know there are book fans.) This video nods to both.

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