Thoreau Center for Sustainability Autoboatography

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Literary Tour: Thoreau Center for Sustainability in San Francisco’s the Presidio

2 Comments 18 April 2014

A seed of serendipity led us to the Cafe Rx, located inside the Thoreau Center for Sustainability in the Presidio, a national park set in San Francisco, California.

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top poems for poem in your pocket day

Blog, National Poetry Month, Short Poems, Top 10 Poetic Picks

Top Ten Poems for Poem in Your Pocket Day

3 Comments 17 April 2014

Unless your pockets are very large, you probably don't want to carry The Wasteland around for Poem in Your Pocket Day. Choose one of these short poems to copy and carry with you all day.

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Wisława Szymborska Could Have

Blog, Catalog Poems, National Poetry Month, poetry, Poetry Dare, Wislawa Szymborska

National Poetry Month Poetry Dare: Wisława Szymborska’s “Could Have”

18 Comments 16 April 2014

It's difficult to explain good fortune, though that didn't stop Wisława Szymborska from trying in her poem "Could Have."

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Poets and Poems: Charles Wright’s “Caribou”

Blog, book reviews, Books, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews, Poets

Poets and Poems: “Caribou” by Charles Wright

8 Comments 15 April 2014

"Caribou," the new collection of poems by Charles Wright, is about memory, what has passed, and what is gone, and the realizations that come only with age.

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Protected: Tolkien I Worshop: Session 7–Mr. Baggins Takes The Lead

Enter your password to view comments. 14 April 2014

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Still Life With Cheese

Blog, Cheese Poems, Eating and Drinking Poems, Food Poems, Photo Play, Photography prompts, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Photo Prompts: Still Life With Cheese Photo Play

18 Comments 14 April 2014

Capture beauty on a plate. Join us for this month's Photo Prompts, and dabble in the art of food styling.

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canaveral national seashore loggerhead hatchling

Artist Date, Blog

Become a Better Writer: Canaveral National Seashore Artist Date

4 Comments 11 April 2014

I am out searching for sea turtles that might come ashore tonight and lay eggs on the beach of Canaveral National Seashore.

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philip levine perogies

Americana Poems, Blog, Eating and Drinking Poems, Food Poems, poetry, Poets, Recipes

Eating and Drinking Poems: Philip Levine’s ‘The Simple Truth’

4 Comments 10 April 2014

In this Eating and Drinking Poems post, Alexandra Barylski Stott pairs her Polish grandmother's recipe for perogies with Philip Levine's poem 'The Simple Truth'

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Give a teacher how to read a poem

Blog, English Teaching, English Teaching Resources, poetry, Poetry Dare, poetry teaching resources

Top Ten Reasons We Dare You to Give an English Teacher “How to Read a Poem” (and a Giveaway)

31 Comments 10 April 2014

We dare you to give "How to Read a Poem" to an English teacher. Here are our Top 10 reasons, plus a giveaway.

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Wisława Szymborska's Conversation with a Stone

Blog, National Poetry Month, Nature Poems, poetry, Wislawa Szymborska

National Poetry Month Poetry Dare: Wisława Szymborska’s “Conversation with a Stone”

14 Comments 09 April 2014

Wisława Szymborska's "Conversation with a Stone" evokes the infuriating sense of talking to a rock. That's a good reason to love the poem.

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Faulkner House Literary Tour

Books, Fiction, Literary Tour, Poems, poetry, poetry reviews

Literary Tour: Faulkner House Books, New Orleans

9 Comments 08 April 2014

Faulkner House Books is a literary landmark in New Orleans - the place where William Faulkner wrote stories, poems and the novel "Soldier's Pay."

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Say Cheese

Blog, Eating and Drinking Poems, Food Poems, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Say Cheese Poetry Prompt and a Playlist

53 Comments 07 April 2014

It's time for a new cheese poetry prompt and a playlist. We've got unique songs and a prompt that's sure to bring on the cheese.

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Red flower love poems

Attentiveness Poems, Blog, Hope Poems, poems about writing

Launching Love, Etc.

25 Comments 06 April 2014

A day spent celebrating love—to launch Love, Etc. Sharing quotes, a live reading, chocolates. What's not to love?

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The library hotel

National Poetry Month, Poetry Contests

National Poetry Month: Win 2 With Haiku, at Library Hotel

4 Comments 05 April 2014

Now you can win a two-night stay at the Library Hotel in NYC. With your original haiku! National Poetry Month contest winners announced May 5.

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ode to rice krispies

Blog, Food Poems, Ode Poems, poetry, poetry prompt, poetry teaching resources, writing prompts

Ode To Rice Krispies: Playlist and Poetry Prompt


Welcome to this month's poetry prompt and playlist! Listen along with us and write an ode to Rice Krispies, or your favorite breakfast cereal.

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Video: Reading A Book (Loki)

Added on 13 December 2013

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Did you know that around Tweetspeak Poetry there are a few Thor and Loki fans? (We *know* you know there are book fans.) This video nods to both.

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