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At Tweetspeak Poetry, we are committed to helping people become who they really are. We believe in the power of community reading, writing, playing, and just plain living, to accomplish this.

Join us today. Live richly, deeply. Become a master in “fine living”.


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All of the following give you a chance to have fun or participate in community writing projects. Oh, we do have a good time.

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We are a community of learners. That means we love to share knowledge and work on improving our skills with words or art. Overall, through a variety of features here at Tweetspeak, we are always engaged in the process of rich discovery…

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When people grow and create beautiful work, we take the opportunity to feature them in myriad ways, to our audience that generates about 10 million impressions per quarter. You might find yourself featured in any one of the following venues:

Our Facebook pages: Every Day Poems, Tweetspeak Poetry

Monday Themed Writing Posts (if you participate the week before, you are eligible to be featured in the next week’s follow-up post, published here at Tweetspeak)

Every Day Poems (we request permission before featuring in this exclusive paid-subscription venue)

Our Tweetspeak Store. As we consider new product offerings, your poems or images are potential candidates (with your permission). We cannot pay royalties or licensing fees at this time

Our Story

Our first Twitter poetry writing parties—between just a few friends (Glynn Young, Jim Wood, Eric Swalberg, and L.L. Barkat)— were held in September of 2009. The parties grew popular fairly quickly, gaining participants that included many of the initiators’ online friends.

On October 3, 2009, we officially launched Tweetspeak, to try to keep track of our party announcements and poetry party archives. Eric Swalberg built the maiden site and Glynn Young managed it. We never dreamed the site would become what it has become.

In 2010, completely separately, T. S. Poetry Press was founded by L.L. Barkat and published its first title on April 15 (clearly, T. S. Poetry was destined to have a sense of humor).

On May 27, 2011, also completely separately, L.L. Barkat launched Every Day Poems.

In March 2012, T. S. Poetry Press, LLC, officially acquired Tweetspeak Poetry. And the two became one. Every Day Poems was brought under the roof too. WordCandy.me was then developed in 2012.