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Just What I Need

I have an inbox overflowing with questions to answer, tasks to complete, and problems to solve. In other words, my inbox looks a lot like everyone else\\\'s. But one email I look forward to every day is my subscription to Every Day Poems. A poem a day is just what I need to break the spell of an overwhelming inbox.”
- Charity Singleton Craig

Poem in my inbox

Poem in my inbox\r\n\r\nsqueezes in \r\nfirst. Without \r\nflinching, scans \r\nthe over-packed,\r\ndeadline-stacked\r\nprosy day, then whispers, \r\n“Wait.”\r\n\r\nTiny prayer, \r\njoke, love note\r\nto what is worth\r\nsavoring,\r\n\r\nyour caesuras save us;\r\nslow our syllables;\r\nrefocus our cross-eyed\r\ncross-purposes,\r\nrushing to re-read\r\nlast-week’s emergency\r\nbusiness-sized typed memo \r\nto hurry, delete,\r\nhurry.\r\n\r\nPraise be\r\nthe morning plea\r\nto breathe.\r\n”
- Marjorie Maddox

Every Day Delight

Every Day Poems . . . to discover and delight. They will surprise you, make you laugh, touch your heart, show you what you can touch, taste, see, smell, feel. . . and remember.”
- Maureen

Email I LOVE to get every day!

I love Every Day Poems - I get a lot of email that I don\\\'t want every day, but this is one that I actually look for every Monday through Friday. It\\\'s really true - reading a poem a day is helping me with my writing but, aside from that, reading a poem a day just makes me smile and feel life from a different point of view. ”
- Donna Falcone

A Personal Sunrise

Every morning, before I engage in the work for the day, I am greeted by a poem I receive in email from T.S. Poetry Press. I read it with my coffee and take a few moments to consider what I have read and how it applies to the world in which I live. Often these poems, by new or established poets, inspire words of my own and always they come like a small sunrise that brightens the day ahead. I encourage you to experience this by receiving Every Day Poems.\r\n”
- Rick Maxson

Beauty in the inbox

I look forward to my poem a day every morning--gets me started off right. To begin the day with poetry is to open my eyes to beauty and Every Day Poems never disappoints. I highly recommend this service.”
- Laura Boggess

The Best Part of My Morning

When I open my email each Monday through Friday and see I have something from Every Day Poems, I just smile. I know there will be a poem lovingly paired with artwork. It only takes a minute to read, but it usually sticks with me the rest of the day. This subscription has introduced me to so many new poems and poets, and I love that each month\\\'s selections are structured around a different theme. ”
- Megan Willome

Just do it!

In a time where the inbox influx is maddening, there is the oasis of Every Day Poems that causes me to stop what I am doing and breathe. Just for a moment, I am cradling a baby, lusting over laundry, sipping wine and nibbling chocolate, or frolicking through the green pastures of Scotland...the reprieve is priceless!”
- michelle ortega

A Well-Rounded Poetry Education

I\\\'m getting a well-rounded poetry education just by opening my email each weekday morning. There I\\\'m exposed to a wide variety of verse from old-timers and newcomers, experts and amateurs. Words that make me laugh. Words that make me think. Words that enrich my life and encourage me to write my own of all forms. Every Day Poems is a bargain at only 5.99.”
- Sandra Heska King

A Daily Respite from Life

Poetry is a balm for irritation, a remedy for the mindless monotony,of messages filling and refilling my inbox. Just stopping life for a moment to read rhythmical lines,to ponder poetic parcels or the complexities of concepts hidden among layers of whimsical words and worlds. The simple process of reading a poem steadies the soul, readies me for reality until the next poem whisks me away for awhile. ”
- Karen King



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