top ten chocolate quotes

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Top Ten Chocolate Quotes

2 Comments 13 February 2014

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we've put together a lovely gold-lined sampler box of delicious chocolate quotes to share with your chocolate-loving love.

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wordcandy cats

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WordCandy Sweet Bloggers: Quoting Cats

4 Comments 11 October 2013

I had visions of growing old in a house full of cats (all offspring of the mangy Mommy Kitty and her many-timing orange Tom), and spending my final days surrounded in my living room recliner by litter boxes and tuna cans piled as high as my chest, a world speckled in cat dander in which I never meant to live. Cats can do that to a person.

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wordcandy bowl

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WordCandy Sweet Blogger Roundup

3 Comments 10 September 2013

We're featuring a handful of delicious quotes and images from our WordCandy Sweet Bloggers. Have a taste, and try your hand with a WordCandy poetry prompt.

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wordcandy star trek

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WordCandy Sweet Blogger Roundup: Star Trek Style

2 Comments 11 July 2013

We round up another month (or two) of sweet treats from our WordCandy Sweet Bloggers -- Star Trek Style.

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wordcandy truffles

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WordCandy Sweet Bloggers Roundup: Truffles

5 Comments 08 May 2013

Our WordCandy Sweet Bloggers have lifted another collection of chocolate truffles from the beautiful quote box.

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wordcandy sweet blogger roundup peep

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WordCandy Sweet Bloggers: Spring Sugar Peeps

2 Comments 05 April 2013

We're enjoying our new Spring Sugar Peeps at WordCandy. We hear they're good frozen. Stop by this month's Sweet Blogger roundup for sweet poetry and quotes.

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WordCandy Sweet Blogger Roundup on the Prairie

2 Comments 05 March 2013

We round up another month of WordCandy quotes, poetry, photos with our Sweet Bloggers.

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love poems rose

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That’s Amore: 10 of the Best Love Poems

9 Comments 13 February 2013

Love's big day is upon us, and we don't want you to be without a good love poem, so we've gathered up a list of ten of our favorites. Maybe you have another you'd like to share in the comments?

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wordcandy sweet bloggers

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WordCandy Sweet Blogger Roundup: Imagination

3 Comments 04 February 2013

We round up the month's WordCandy Sweet Blogger posts with a stroll down Everlasting Gobstopper Lane with Willy Wonka.

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word candy sweet blogger

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Sweet Bloggers Roundup: WordCandy from the Tumblr

8 Comments 04 January 2013

We round up the month's posts from our WordCandy 100 Sweet Bloggers.

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Poetry and Great Quotes on Beautiful Cards

No Comments 22 December 2012

Need a last-minute holiday card? Love note? Flirt note? Way to encourage? We’ve got a beautiful selection of ready-made cards with great quotes, at our new WordCandy Tumblr. From Tolkien to Neruda, Teasdale to Adrienne Rich, we’ve got quotes to suit your special taste. Pick and go. It’s free and beautiful. Share via Facebook, Twitter, […]

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WordCandy Sweet Bloggers December Roundup

5 Comments 05 December 2012

C'mon in and see what we lassoed up with our red licorice rope. It's the December WordCandy Sweet Bloggers Roundup!

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Make it a Poetry Holiday

1 Comment 24 November 2012

  At Tweetspeak Poetry, we’ve got a few easy ways for you to bring poetry to your holidays. 1. Watch for our upcoming Hanukkah/Christmas/New Year’s category at WordCandy WordCandy is a free, fun way to send holiday greetings. Lots of poetry quotes to choose from and pair with beautiful photography. (Check out some of our […]

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WordCandy Sweet Bloggers Roundup

12 Comments 05 November 2012

The Global Statistician of Sweetness reported that last week, in events unprecedented since the creation of the Internet, wave after wave of candy washed up on the shores of the worldwide web as nearly 100 sweet bloggers shared bits of sugary goodness from the WordCandy app.

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