What You Do for Poetry

Last year, we discovered, through our dear friend Jane Friedman, the good folks at Tugboat Yards. Through a simple subscription-style service, they’ve allowed our community to help partner with Tweetspeak in the many ways it brings poetry to the world.

What has your partnership done for poetry this past year?

Here Are Just Ten Ways You’ve Been a Poetry Partner This Year!

1. Infographics and Poetry Teaching Resources

Where else does your partnership result in gazelles writing ghazals? Or phantoms writing pantoums? What other website gives you the simpleton’s guide to Pride and Prejudice? You help Tweetspeak regularly bring fun and amusing — but helpful and educational — infographics for use in the classroom. Or happy hour. Whichever.

2. Twitter Poetry Parties

New research recently revealed that when Emily Dickinson wrote about “wild nights” she was referring to our twitter poetry parties. Around once a quarter, our community gathers for a fast, fun hour of writing poetry together. (We know, we know. We’re overdue!)

3. A Place to Play

We have our own poetry playground, and we welcome everyone, no matter if you like the tall tornado slide or you prefer to sit quietly on the swing. We’ll let you spin on the merry-go-round and we’ll never, ever, get up and drop you on the see-saw.

4. Various and Sundry Ways to Help People Who Are Afraid of Poetry

You might be challenged to a Poetry Dare. And that’s because we like you. Or you may have been an encourager for “the dared” this past year. We are always looking for ways to grant poetry for life, and you’ve been a part of that.

5. We Engage Poetry and Work

Nobody else gives you poets on a stick to bring to work. Or a grown-ups’ poets coloring book. We believe in poetry in the workplace so much that we dedicate two full days every year to fun celebrations across the cubicle and around the world: Poetry at Work Day and Take Your Poet to Work Day.

6. Poetry for Life Scholarship

This past year you helped a poetry dream come true, that involved 180 graduating seniors. As part of our continuing emphasis on Poetry for Life, we are currently offering a $1,000 scholarship to students who write poetry. Usable to pursue any major.

7. The Mischief Café

It began with toast, tea, and love. Our poetry baristas have poured it out via Facebook and Twitter all during 2014. And there’s been a Mischief Café welcome section on our site since the beginning of the year. In April, we met some of you in person, in NYC, and that eventually sparked a brand new idea for a traveling Mischief Café. The very first one happened at the home of our partner Michelle Ortega, and we recently took the café on the road, from Seattle and San Francisco all the way to Colorado and Nebraska. In fact, we hope to eventually tour around many parts of the United States, maybe coming to your very own home. Your support will help continue to make that happen.

8. Every Day Poems

It’s never been easier to start your day happy. Every Day Poems will send you a hand selected poem along with beautiful artwork each day. We’ve also heard reading a poem a day can help make you a better writer, lower cholesterol and whiten teeth.

9. Playlists

Where else on the Internet will you find a brand new poetry-themed playlist every single month? If we’re writing ghazals this month, we’ll give you a ghazal playlist. If we’re writing cat poems, we’ll give you a cat playlist. If we’re writing poems about Spam, well, we’ll just write poems about bottles and cans — and give you a bottled and canned playlist.

10. Excellent Content from Outstanding Writers

Whether it’s a title from award-winning T. S. Poetry Press or the excellent content on the Tweetspeak website day in and day out, it’s no secret Tweetspeak attracts some of the finest writers in our field.

There are, of course, many more ways that Tweetspeak has been here to offer poetry for life. And you have been part of them.

To those who’ve supported the efforts through being a Tweetspeak Tugboat, we thank you. It’s such a pleasure to have you in the game with us.

And for those of you who are newer to our community, we invite you to become a partner. You can do this through offers that give something back (like gifts and links), or you can simply support us without any “extras.” We’re happy either way.

From $15 to $125 and options in between, check out the variety of ways to become a partner in Poetry for Life today!

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Photo by Thangaraj Kumaravel, Creative Commons license via Flickr.


    • says

      Thank you, Maureen. We delight in your partnership. (And? It was so great to meet you in NYC this year. I’m hoping it becomes possible for a Mischief Café to come your way! :) )

  1. says

    My contribution is not grand, but what you do for poetry daily is. Wish my gift could match the value of your contributions. Hope it will magically multiply on your end. That would be just like poetry, wouldn’t it?

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