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Desert Island Make Your Own SAT questions
As part of her Junior Seminar, Sara Barkat was required to create an SAT question, with a brief defense of why it should be included on the SAT. Of course she took the assignment very seriously.

“This SAT test question tests sense of humor, creativity, and ability to react to unexpected situations. It should be on the SAT, because tests are, generally, entirely boring, and—because you can prepare for tests— generally useless at finding out how people react to unexpected situations (which is an important life skill).”

The SAT Question

You are stuck on an island with only a pile of books for company, and a bunch of rope. What do you do?

1. Read all the books. I might as well!

2. Build a raft from the books and get out there!

3. Burn the books to create a signal, so I’ll get rescued.

4. Use the books and rope to build a bridge.

the best sat test question ever

The Answer to the SAT Question (Provided, because, why not provide an answer in the middle of the test)

1. Seriously? Well, okay… as long as you don’t mind staying on the island.

2. Ah-ah! You’ve read A Series of Unfortunate Events, haven’t you.

3. I’m not sure if I should applaud your ingenuity and tenacity or hate you for burning books.

4. Did I mention the island is in the middle of the sea? No? Oh, you got tricked by the visual aid, did you?

Make Your Own SAT Questions

How about you? Make your own SAT questions, and defend them in fifty words or less.

Photo by kwc909, Creative Commons, via Flickr. SAT Question, compliments of Sara Barkat.

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    Loved it… the answers are as clever as the options! 😉 I’m not too proud to admit I was waffling between 2 and 3… wondering if soggy books will hold up, but also wondering if I’d have the heart to strike a match on the collection. Let’s hope I never find myself stranded on an island. Ha ha… fun!

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