Baby, Baby: Poetry Prompt and Playlist

Our new Baby, Baby playlist runs the gamut from Bieber, to Bebe, to bébé, with a little lullaby thrown in for good measure. It is our observation that most “Baby” songs are pop tunes with a steady beat. Maybe it’s the word that lends itself to simplicity. Baby: Two syllables, a lot of babbling love.

Baby Songs, Beginnings

First documented by the ancient Babylonians, the lullaby is a message wrapped in a gentle song. Traditional lullabies from around the globe could be frightening, melancholic, or sweet. The story woven in the lullaby might teach a country’s history, or instruct a small child on how to live well, like an advice-column for a new person’s life. Sometimes they provided a way for a mother to voice her concerns.  No matter the theme, the gentle rhythm of the lullaby, rooted in love has soothed fussy children to sleep for over 4000 years.

Poetry Prompt

Write a poem in the form of a lullaby. Write it to a child, spouse, friend, or even a pet. Your message can be factual, sweet, or even a bit scary. Choose a pattern of rhythm and let it repeat throughout your poem.

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s poetry prompt. Here’s part of a recent poem from Richard that we enjoyed:

but the past is a kelpie,
feral as moistened blue,
a ripple in the lake,
in the shallow of your back,
borne on a wedge of moonlight,
where you may drown
in the carelessness of night;

taste it slowly,
then let it go down,
though memory may leave
its language on your tongue

Richard Maxson

Photo by Bethany King. Creative Commons License via Flickr. Post by Heather Eure.


Sometimes we feature your poems in Every Day Poems, with your permission of course. Thanks for writing with us!

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  1. says

    Heather, thanks again for posting my poem. I’ve been in and out of Internet access here in the Ozarks, but what beauty!

    I have managed a few short pieces on Twitter to stay in shape. Will be back the end of this week owning a house in the mountains hopefully.

    • says

      A home with a view of the mountains– how wonderful!
      I do understand internet quirks. I’m in rural NC and they don’t seem to care about my demands of high-speed and consistency. :)

  2. Jon Lewis says

    For my youngest son….

    Stinky butt boy
    Stinky butt boy
    Owens very stinky
    He’s a stinky stinky stinky butt boy
    Stinky butt boy
    Stinky butt boy
    Owens got a stinky butt…BOY!
    Owens my boy
    My sweet silly boy
    But Owens very stinky
    He’s a stinky stinky butt boy
    Stinky butt boy
    Stinky butt boy
    Owens got a stinky butt…BOY!

  3. Karen Mae Zoccoli says

    A Lullaby for a Sweet Child…

    here you are
    my sweet, sweet child
    sent in love
    from up above
    this blessed one
    my sweet, sweet child

    dream a dream
    my sweet, sweet child
    all of me
    prays for you
    may angels watch
    my sweet, sweet child

    close your eyes
    my sweet, sweet child
    little one
    rest for awhile
    then ever stay
    my sweet, sweet child

      • Karen Mae Zoccoli says

        Hi Heather – thanks for your note. I am new to this site, and have a soft spot for lullabies. Glad you liked it!

        • says

          Hey again, Karen. We selected your poem as a feature in this week’s photo play/poetry prompt post. Your name didn’t include a link to your twitter/facebook/website page, so it’s a simple byline. However, if you have a poetry blog, twitter account, etc you’d like for our readers to check out, just let me know and I can link it. Thanks, and so glad you’re here!

  4. Marcy says

    Oh, my little one
    How much you’ve
    Grown you see.
    You take my hand
    And understand
    How precious you
    Are to me.
    I’ve held you
    Since the day
    You were born.
    Stayed close by
    Your side.
    You were always
    My Hope, my reason
    To get by.
    Watched you as you
    First smiled.
    When that first tooth
    Came in.
    When there was a
    We let Mr. Sun in.
    We strolled many
    Streets together.
    I sang you to sleep.
    A delight song,
    The lullaby.
    You listen with
    Our Bye, Bye, song
    About a Black bird
    Was always accepted
    with delight.
    You laid you head
    Upon my shoulder.
    We rocked away
    Until your poor
    Head was heavy,
    You were sound
    Quietly I’d lay
    You down on a big
    Bed, you were so
    Tried with eyes
    Closed tight.
    The day was filled
    With Mr. Sunshine.
    We listened to the
    Birds sing.
    You watched the
    Butterflies dance
    Without a word.
    You wore a hat,
    We built a house.
    You petted the cat,
    And held my hand.
    I held your hand too.
    You captured my heart,
    But I always had yours.

  5. Sharon Riddell says

    A Lulaby: by mounumi
    Little One

    Little one so tiny and new
    We’ve been waiting just for you
    And now that you’re with us, we want you to know
    Little one…….You’re home

    There will be time for tears later on
    So close your eyes now and sleep ‘til the dawn
    Together we’ll travel, together we’ll grow
    So Little one….Sleep on

    In your heart God’s written a song
    All about you and how you belong
    And no one can sing it exactly like you
    So little one…..Sing on

    Your on special dreams are waiting for you
    Don’t let the world tell you dreams can’t come true
    For you are the weaver of life’s tapestry
    So little one….Weave on

    Little one so tiny and new
    We’ve been waiting just for you
    And now that you’re with us, we want you to know
    Little one
    My little one
    Sweet little one…You’re home

    Words and music: Sharon Riddell aka mounumi @S.LaPrade Riddell

        • says

          Have you ever heard of soundcould? I first heard of it here at TSP… it’s free, and easy to use… and you might sing a lullaby into it for instance… and post the link here, perhaps, for example? Maybe? Pretty please? :) 😉

      • mounumi says

        Heather, thanks so much. Glad you like it. I am new to the site and this was the first prompt. I had just given this to a friend who is expecting her first child as a shower present so it was uppermost in my mind anyway.
        Thanks again.

  6. says

    I hope no one minds if I share an older lullaby – It came to me as I was holding my infant son over 21 years ago.

    Hello, hello baby…
    I love you
    Yes I do
    You know it’s true.

    Hello, hello baby
    I love you
    I’m so glad you’re mine.

    I love your little eyes
    and your little nose
    Your little feet and
    Your little toes.

    I love your little cheeks
    and your little chin
    Your little mouth that
    Your thumb goes in.

    Hello, hello baby…
    I love you
    Yes I do
    You know it’s true.

    Hello, hello baby
    I love you
    I’m so glad you’re mine.

    I recorded it on Soundcloud for you –

  7. Marcy says

    I need to share, to bring images in your mind in order to understand my lullaby. The love of my life, my only son had a son ten years ago. The gift awarded to me was keeping this sweet baby each day. My drive was long, one hour each way, seven a.m. till seven p.m. This child saved my life, we bonded, he was my only hope. Life is hard, we all experience pain beyond what can be endured. Taking care of Lance gave me a reason to live. So each day when his eyes grew tried and I caught a yawn, it was time for a nap. This lullaby just came out of my mouth as I saw a black bird in a tree.

    Bye-Bye Black Bird
    It’s time for Lance
    To fall asleep,
    Bye-Bye Black Bird
    You can lay your head
    On me.
    Bye-Bye Black Bird
    Lance is tried as can be.
    Bye-Bye Black Bird
    Fly away so Lance
    Can sleep.

  8. says


    She sings of pins, the mouths of birds,
    among the sheets her mother hangs,
    of wings which rise with night
    and stir the air of dreams throughout the house.

    Monsignor tells her, God hides in song,
    and waits for her at the hour of death.
    She is more direct with spirit things,
    dreams of canticles to feed the wings of sleep.

    Father guides the choir, gives her scales
    she evaporates in meadow larks,
    and thrushes on the way, the room left quiet,
    and still like unnoticed rain.

    The sisters give her pages, signed with clefs,
    and birds in cages, fluttering solfeggios;
    she sets them free before their paper clouds
    in a sky the sisters do not see.

    She sleeps in sheets crisp with the day.
    Like will-o’-the-wisp her breathing winds
    around the bed, the chair and past the open sill,
    as birds wait silently in the unfinished air.

  9. says

    A lil’ rhyme

    The moon shines bright

    upon this night

    such pretty sight

    for us to peep.

    The full moon’s light

    makes clouds take flight

    outshines starlight

    comfort we keep.

    The moon’s far height

    angels’ nightlight

    please do not fight

    just go to sleep!


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