Launching Love, Etc.

“This is her way: allure. She weaves mystery. Never hands it all over. Never shows the full picture. Leaves much for the imagination. It’s her defining factor,” says Claire Burge about author L.L. Barkat, in an article called Queue the Subtle Power of Incognito Mode.

If L.L. is about allure and mystery, it’s never been more evident than in her new collection Love, Etc.: Poems of Love, Laughter, Longing & Loss.

Take this simple poem, for instance…


no fingers,
no sound

The poem could be about lovers, or friends. It could be about the relationship between writer and reader. It leaves enough unsaid (and even leaves the last line unpunctuated), so you can make it say what your heart wants or needs it to say. That’s the great mystery of poetry. It leaves space that invites you in. It provides the allure of possibility.

On Monday, April 14, Tweetspeak Poetry would like to launch the possibility of Love, Etc. with a special event that includes:

1. virtual share-the-love (full day via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)

2. a live reading via Zoom (limited to 20 fans; 2-2:45 pm EST; first 20 to sign up will be admitted and, yes, L.L. will show her face and maybe wear red)

3. the gift of chocolate

How to Launch Love on April 14

Share-the-Love. Consider sharing a love or friendship quote from WordCandy. It’s easy to share via Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. Use the hashtag #loveetc and feel free to tell us about your shares by leaving a comment here in the comment box. We want to share the love you’re sharing.

Live reading by L.L. via Zoom. Sign up via the form in this post. Limited to 20 participants. Bring your copy of Love, Etc. and consider reading us one of the poems, as time allows. Instructions for participating via Zoom will be sent before Monday.

The Gift of Chocolate. Do you love someone? Order the gift of chocolate and tell them you’re doing it as a way to launch Love, Etc. We’ll order some too and give it away at random, to a tweeter or blogger who helps launch Love, Etc. with a red poem or photo and a link back to this post. (Remember to give us the link to your post or tweet here in the comments, so we don’t miss you.)

Consider Wearing Red on Facebook. Just grab the header and profile picture at the bottom of this post, conveniently sized for Facebook. And you can wear red for the launch!

That’s it. We look forward to the allure of a day spent together celebrating love.


The to is
like the bird flying
her mountain,
like the brown eyes
open the trails
with fallen trees,
like the mountain’s
thousand-year journey
to the sea.

(excerpt from the 6-part poem “Bird on the Mountain”, in Love, Etc)

Wondering if you’d really want to launch love? Maureen Doallas gives you a few beautiful reasons in her intriguing review of Love, Etc.

Photo by Joe Martin Photography, Creative Commons, via Flickr.

Love Etc

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  1. says

    I’m in!

    By the way, Claire’s piece was outstanding. She’s a master of incognito. On that note, it’s interesting, I think, how readers can tell the difference between allure and fear. Both hold something back… somehow people sense the difference.

    Is it because the hidden speaks of darkness and partial picture speaks of light? How do you balance it? Are both always present? Or just one?


    It seems I took another trip on the merry-go-round of my mind. :-)

    • says

      It *was* outstanding, wasn’t it? I love when Claire writes.

      Quite a good question about the kind of holding back that creates fear versus interest.

      The merry-go-roud of your mind is quite fun.

  2. says

    A Red Canister of truffles sent to my wife, Carol, to launch L.L. Barkat’s poems, Love Etc.

    After years

    we are a painting
    in the rain

    Blue on the grass
    the sky closer

    each blade
    a rainbow

    flowers in flight
    across our eyes

    the rivers dancing
    as in La Grande Jatte

    and yet you are you
    I am me

    rain’s brush beyond
    moon and balcony

    even the mountains
    meld with us

    • says

      I was hoping someone would receive the red canister of truffles. Carol, lucky woman. :) And not just for the chocolates, but also for these beautiful words (their own kind of truffle, couplet by couplet).

  3. says

    The possibilities are opening up, the mystery unfolding, the love enveloping the future hope of what is to come is stirring in my heart with a note that is covered in red, bled for me, in eternity, my love, he waits for me…

    Anxious to read words that open up the possibilities….and share them with others.

    What a lovely journey this will be.

    I will wear my Sunday best – red, as that is how he found me when in the mire I was dead.

    Alive in love he awakened me and dance with him I will.

    I can hear him whispering, I can hear him still.

    “Come with me sweet child, take my hand and dance with me.”

    Oh the Jubilee!

    My love he so loves me.

  4. Donna says

    truffles in golden
    for my first Easter bunnies

    Also receiving the crimson pail…. my mom and dad!

  5. Marcy says

    In Honor to the Poem 5 (Flying Bird)

    If I were a bird
    I’d be blue,
    Fly over land and
    Oceans too.
    Find a tree so
    Big and green,
    Build a nest
    Where I could sing.
    I’ll sing each day
    From tops of trees,
    From branches low and
    Those between.
    Watch me take to flight
    Here I go,
    Just flying high.
    Yes, I’m a bird
    Who like’s to fly
    Who likes to sing
    Sit way up high.
    Fly to mountain tops
    See streams below,
    With wings out straight
    The wind doth blow.
    It takes me high,
    It brings me low
    Takes me ere
    Where ever I go.
    I’m a bird,
    Blue as can be.
    Match the sky
    Reflect the seas.

  6. says

    In a collection rich in colors and images of nature, I could not help but play with the words. (I hope the spacing is retained when I submit.)


    the woman on her back bathed
    in gold curve of silken skin

    black seeds one at a time
    carried up to the moon shimmering
    its light could hypnotize

    ivory fingers spirals in a mouth
    of velvet the silence
    ravished and between breaths

    little pieces of rose petals on tongues
    roots of emerald threads — the lace of the earth
    you would unbind

    not by accident
    the beds in the garden stripped
    and rock-hard

  7. says

    I would LOVE to spread for adoration for L.L. Barkat’s writing on Monday. Hmmmm, I’ve read Rumors of Water and God in the Backyard. Could I use some favorite quotes from these books along with the hashtag #loveetc on Monday? Would that be helpful? I’ll of course share her new collection of poems as well, but I thought I’d use quotes from books of hers I read read previously.
    Congratulations on another book, and thank you for the ones you’ve written. Rumors of Water particularly has been a balm for me for several years now.

  8. says

    I am in, too! Although I will be teaching Monday – and leaving little ones is not possible, I will check in as best I can. Bravo! And as we say in the theatre, “Break-A-Leg!” <3


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