Ode Poetry: Ode to My Coffee Shop

We walk in the door, we’re met with the smell of roasted beans and smiling baristas. There’s comfort in the familiarity of our favorite coffee shop, whether it’s a well-known chain or a small, independent house of java. Of course, let’s not forget the beloved tea shop. A graceful place of respite.

Poetry Prompt:

Ode poetry sometimes sings the praises of the everyday. Write an ode about a favorite coffee or tea shop. What makes it yours? Write about the atmosphere, or the people who craft the beverages that make your day bright.

A special thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s poetry prompt. Here is a poem from Maureen that made us smile:

Thank you, thank you to the litter
-bugs who leave us space to clean.
But if it’s true they trash the boaters,
the big and small who capsize floaters,
I say, then, call in our drones
from the flooded no-wake zones.

And thank you, thank you
to the double-dippers
who take more than their fair share;
they’re like the bullies in the sand box
who never survive a dare.

And thank you, too, to the woman who smells
more than that little dab’ll do her.
Her trail is long that we’d follow if we could
but most of us would just prefer
she keep to her ‘hood.

A special note of thanks for the salad bar
sneezer. But better him, you say,
than the old bald geezer
who ogles much too long
the place where eyes do not belong.

And the loud library guests, let us thank
them as well. Beware the finger
to your lips, though,
they’re apt to make life h…..

A thumbs up to the kickers and screamers;
it’s their mommas for the hundredth time
we’d like to clobber with our sneakers.

Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you
to the people with pet peeves.
Not a one of us is without them
and every one of us strives to please.

— by Maureen Doallas


Featured photo by Michael Prince. Creative Commons License via Flickr. Post by Heather Eure.



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  1. says

    O how I love the Mischief Makers
    The barista sister’s… the poetry bakers!
    On the lookout every day
    For brand new friends who’ve come this way!

    O how I love my Poetry Girls
    And the butter melting down virtual swirls
    Of cinnamon toast all warm and crumbly
    To satisfy poetry tumblies all rumbly!

    O how I love the Michief Café
    Our aim is to serve you, the poetry way!
    So pull up a chair and we’ll bring you some tea
    Or if you prefer call dib on the Settee…

    You’ll never regret it
    So please, don’t forget it,
    The Mischief Café
    A delicious gateway
    To Tweetspeak Poetry.

  2. Marcy Terwilliger says

    The Kitchen Table

    Hot tea,
    Sip it slow.
    Enjoy the flavor
    As it slides down
    your throat.
    Teacup, orange
    covered in white dots.
    Cup the warmth
    In my hands,
    Close my eyes
    Let dreams come my
    Drifting on a cloud
    Of flavor.
    Can you see the satisfaction
    On my face?
    Breath, yes, just
    Intoxicating sweet,
    Kiss me.
    Coffee won’t bring
    Me kisses,
    Oh, no, no, no!
    Mouth must be tasty
    Like sweet honey,
    Dripping down from
    my mouth.
    Come Mr. Postman
    Deliver my mail
    To my door today.
    Lick my sweet lips
    Drenched in honey
    Enjoy the inside
    Of my mouth.
    Taste the honey
    Of my comb.

  3. says

    The Silent Fishes

    In the mornings,
    with the easy doves,
    and the small red arc
    of the sun,

    the steam from a cup,
    slows itself,

    or so it seems,

    to my breathing,
    as the pond surrenders
    its gray vapor in scant whorls.

    Even the doves pace their cooing,
    in my somnolent café,
    with its rock and fescue trappings.

    This is my favorite coffee,
    warm against my hands, and I

    in the bistro of my mind,
    no words but my own,
    swimming like the silent fishes,
    stirring waters I cannot see.

  4. says

    Espresso Yourself

    Leave America to its Starbucks,
    to its Peets and rich Java cafes.
    Forget about the Stumptowns,
    the Neutral Grounds, the Higher
    Grounds, even lousy skim lattes.

    It’s the pub that rules in the UK:
    the White Swan, Red Lion, and Fox.
    You’ve failed to check in at Chequers?
    Why, go on to White Hart to start.
    Carry on at the Ship, the Badger,
    have a pint at McMullens, too.
    Lady Chatterly’s Lover’s newest,
    and a fine pub it is, who knew!

    No tastier pint do they offer,
    the miners and bobbies agree,
    be it Bloomsbury, The George,
    or the Kings Arm, they’ll leave
    drunk as a drunk should be.

    • says

      A sensory experience. Sounds like an entertaining place with interesting people. Our local coffee shop is considered a magnet for the quirky and the odd. Must be why I go. 😉

  5. Marcy says

    Ode To My Tea Shop

    Charming place with little
    Teacups lining the shelves.
    Men find it a bit too much
    So you won’t find many there.
    It’s dainty cookies, blueberry
    Scones and little cake smells
    That fill the air.
    A woman could be caught
    Drooling, only if she dare.
    Soft chatter of women voices
    The cling of a cup,
    Hot pots of water and
    All that good stuff.
    Listen and you will hear,
    Sounds like chairs scraping
    The wooden floors or high
    Shoes making noise.
    Laughter loudly from
    The two in the corner.
    While church ladies
    Turn with their noses
    In the air.
    You won’t find coffee
    Being sold here.
    Oh, no dear.
    It’s hot tea for
    Me and my guests make three.


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