Fiction Workshop: The Art of Storytelling

Fiction Workshop Begins May 5 (Registration Now Closed)

Have you ever wondered about that almost magical ability some writers seem to have to weave tales of romance, adventure, suspense, comedy, or horror? Whether writing fiction or memoir, these writers know how to connect with their readers so as to cause their spines to tingle, hearts to stop, minds to expand, fantasies to soar, and bellies to rock with laughter.

Is this ability a gift? Or can any writer learn to create these kinds of stories?

In this workshop, we’ll approach storytelling as an art form you can learn, if you’re willing to surrender your misconceptions about what makes a good story. Some of you may think it’s all about voice. Others swear it’s about a plot that moves. This is misconception #1. The truth is it’s about both—voice and structure.

We’ll break the art of storytelling down into practical techniques and strategies that will work like magic when applied to the page, but will be invisible to the reader. You’ll learn how to put your creative ideas into a form, whether your stories fit more naturally into fiction or nonfiction, how to find the most effective voice and/or viewpoint, how to craft suspenseful scenes so they move a story forward, how to create story people with real emotions so readers will care about them, how to structure a story, and finally how to connect with your reader.

Also covered:

• where to find ideas; sorting through ideas to find the best; story starters; how you start your stories; whether to write fiction or nonfiction; crafting your theme to focus your story

• Outlining your story; choosing and exploring your setting; crafting scenes that move the story’s action; writing interesting scene sequels that connect your scenes

• exploring potential viewpoints for your story; choosing the only viewpoint approach for the story you want to tell; discovering your voice

• creating your cast of characters—real or fictional; creating realistic protagonists and antagonists; telling your truth about real people when they’re still alive; crafting effective dialogue; developing your characters’ motivation so we believe them; where and when to use flashbacks so that they don’t stop the story action

• exploring the depth of human emotions for your characters; using the Enneagram to show the differences in character motivations; developing humorous characters for the comedic story; creating emotion to fit the various story types (horror, romance, sci-fi/fantasy, action adventure, suspense thriller, mystery, mainstream, literary, and young adult)

• building suspense in your story; tips for heightening tension; pacing your story so it ebbs and flows in a natural way, surprising your reader

• how to know when a story is working or not and what to look for when trying to fix a story that’s not working

• marketing your story to the right audience

Basic Approach

Weekly materials provided in a private online group setting. Attend at your convenience (asynchronous setup). Experienced workshop leader will respond to your writing weekly to help you get to the next level, regardless of your current expertise. If you produce something that is publishable at Tweetspeak Poetry and are recommended by your workshop leader, we might publish your work (with your permission, of course).

For You

Private online group setting and all class materials are included in the price.

Your Fiction Workshop Leader

Gloria Kempton has over 25 years of writing and publishing experience. Author of eleven books and hundreds of published stories, she has taught, coached, and mentored more than 10,000 writers through online entities such as Writers Digest and in person at conferences. Also an experienced editor, Kempton knows how to guide you into writing that editors are seeking and that readers want to read.

What Our Workshop Participants Have Said

Participant from The Writing Life: One of the best investments I’ve ever made, anywhere.

Participant from The Writing Life: Beyond excellent. Ann and Charity were professional, empathetic, and insightful as readers, group leaders, and teachers. They brought a terrific mix of professionalism, wisdom, and FUN to the workshop!

Lane Arnold: I struck gold. An afternoon session of writing poetry is good for the soul. Poetry Workshop is a catalyst to creativity.

Lexanne Leonard: The most important step I’ve taken is to join Tweetspeak’s Poetry Workshop with Anne Doe Overstreet. I cannot begin to thank Tweetspeak, Anne, and my fellow students for this journey.

Sandra Heska King: This was absolutely the single best whim I’ve followed.

$350 + $10 Late Registration Fee • 8 weeks • Buy now • Workshop runs May 5-June 30. (Registration Now Closed)

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      Would be great if you’re able to find a way to make it work this time. Gloria will be a fantastic instructor. :)

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