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The Poem of the Month: February


Red Glass Vermillion Red Poetry

It’s time to reveal the Poem of the Month for February.

But before we do, we want to say that each and every poem at Every Day Poems is picked with care. A lot of time, thought, and love goes into the creation of this very special poetry daily (the only poetry daily we know of that works to give you monthly themes, beautiful art, and handpicked photography).

Alright, but you are waiting. To hear.

Which one?

Which poem resonated for more people?

And why?

We can only tell you which poem. The why remains a wonderful mystery.

Maybe, you can tell us why. We’d love to hear.

February’s poem of the month was: Vermillion, by L.L. Barkat.

Photo by Yourbartender, Creative Commons, via Flickr.

Vermillion is included in our new poetry collection, Love, Etc!

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8 Comments so far

  1. A new collection! The plot thickens!

  2. L. L. Barkat says:

    Ha :)

    Ah, yes. It happens.

    Seems good to know that people liked “Vermillion.” I hope such poems get others playing with words.

    • Well, OK, I’ll play. :) Here, playing with the original “Vermillion” poem:

      The words in my house
      were harsh,
      with rolled R’s
      and sour vowels,
      commanding, demanding,
      hard to dodge—
      like spitballs in the lunchroom—
      leaving an aftertaste
      when I remember.

      I spend my hours

      avoiding the same
      sour usages, taming demands
      into requests, turning them
      with a fluency of flavors
      sweet and savory,
      cinnamon cardamom sesame
      and (when I finally discovered it)

      And still I want them
      to haunt me: the old words
      in that other language

      yet more fluid
      than I was given,
      something beyond salt and pepper,
      something like warm ganache.


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